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What is ketodiet how it helps to reduce weight effectively?

Keto diet (ketogenic diet) means?

What are the basic things that living organisms need?? As we commonly need some basic things such as food,water,clothes,shelter….these are the main things we need as a human beings….let us talk about food…..”Food”..this is the main thing all living organisms need…Food gives energy and it is very needy to us..without food no one can live…

                   Food includes many things….either tasty or non-tasty…Is having food in large amounts dangerous???? Obviously “yes”..Maximum people have favorite food items in their list…For example daily having food in less amounts if in case of favorite, that day our stomach will be full..That means favorite food can be eaten more  and that leads to many problems..The main problem is weight gain(obesity) This is the major problem we have been seeing in our daily life..

ketogenic diet

                   Weight gained people usually follows many diets in order to lose weight but in case of any side effects or the person fails to continue that diet….So here is the upcoming diet with simple steps is given…called keto diet..

What is ketodiet how it helps to reduce weight effectively ?

          Keto diet is nothing but intake of low carbohydrates food and more fatty food which provides many health benefits…

What???weight gain is nothing but because of fat..then how can be weight loss can occur with fat??? Is that your doubt?? You don’t have to worry about that..because it is possible..let us see how is it possible???

  The main aim of this diet is to reduce completely carbohydrates intake and replacing it with fat..due to reduction of intake of carbohydrates leads to the reaction called “ketosis”..which is the main reaction occurred through keto diet..

keto diet food

   When ketosis occur, our body is efficient to burn fat excessively which is a part of weight loss…then the fat is converted into ketones which supplies energy to brain..

Types of keto diet:-

Usually there are several types..some of them includes the following:-

1)Standard keto diet:

This diet includes very low carbohydrates intake and moderate proteins, high fat containing food..That means 75% of fat…20% of proteins and 5% of carbohydrates..

2)Targeted keto diet:

This diet includes adding of carbohydrates around workouts that means carbohydrates can be taken but only after doing some workouts because burning of fat is compulsory…

 3)High protein keto diet:

This diet resembles standard keto diet but the change is intake of more proteins..that means 60% of fats, 35% of proteins whereas 5% of carbohydrates..

4)Cyclical keto diet:

This diet is very different than above diets..this diet includes 5 days of keto diet followed by 2 days of high carbohydrate food..In order to balance.

Note: In the above mentioned diets, only standard keto diet and high protein diet only should be followed..The other cyclical and targeted are mostly followed by athletes..

Foods to be eaten during the diet:-

    * Meat

    * Fatty fish

    * Butter and cream

    * Cheese

    * Eggs

    * Nuts and seeds

    * Low carbohydrates containing vegetables

    * Healthy oils


Benefits of keto diet:-

Many researches have proved that..this diet is very efficient in weight loss..It also have benefits like which resists the diseases such as diabetes,cancer,epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease..

           As previously mentioned that ketosis occur in the body due to this diet, ketosis provides many benefits in our body such as reducing of blood sugar levels and insulin levels also provides energy to the brain and helps to work brain efficiently….

  Keto diet is better that any other low calorie diets..On study proved that 2.2 more weight loss is observed in this diet compared to other diets..

     The another useful benefit is that the food which is mentioned in the diet is very acceptable and even favourite to many of us…Usually in other diets, there should be lessening of food and sometimes have to eat unacceptable food..In this diet, food is very tasty but main thing is that amount of food should be restricted..

  Keto diet also helps us to cure diabetes and pre diabetes…As diabetes is the disease caused by high amount of blood sugars and insulin levels…this ketosis decreases blood sugar as well as insulin levels..

Other benefits of keto diet:

Keto diet also used to treat many neurological disorders, cancers etc.. let us see other uses of this keto diet..

* Cancer:

This diet is present using for curing several cancers…It can cure cancer by slowing the process of tumor growth..

* Heart diseases:

This diet can helps in decreasing blood sugars, blood cholesterol levels and regulates HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol in the body.


* Alzheimer’s disease:

This diet can prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and slows down the progression of the disease..

Alzheimer's disease formation

* Parkinson’s disease:

Some studies have proved that this diet can also prevent the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease…

* Epilepsy:

Some researches have proved that, this diet can also prevents the seizures caused by epilepsy..

  • Diabetes : Low carbohydrates diet helps to keep low blood sugar level that leads to protect from diabetes.
  • diabetes mellitus


The keto diet main objective is to loss weight by high fat and proteins diet…

  My suggestion is that being over weight is a problem so having any thing in limit can helps you to be in correct weight…so

                                                      “Eat less and stay healthy”

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