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The term Neurobics was first discovered by the lawrenceC. Katz and Manning rubin. The neurobics is the word that came from aerobics.

Neurobics 1

  • As the aerobics is a work of the body exercises in turn to keep the body physically active and maintaining good health, hospitality for our body.
  • In this way to keep our body mentally strong the exercises which helps to keep our brain mentally strong.
  • If the persons who are mentally and physically strong they can achieve and live a healthy and sophisticated life.

There are some of the exercises which make our brain to start working.

  • If anything when we start differently rather than normally then our brain starts thinking and it have a some type of physical or chemical work to it.
  • Boost your memory and other skills with early exercises designed to increase your brain power.
  • Neurobics requires you to do some things you may not have been doing on a regular basics or experiencing something new for our five senses.

Neurobics 2

Some type of excercises for neurobics :-

Exercise:-1 (Doing maths in brain)

  • In our daily life we are doing some type of calculations Using calculator, by solving them without using calculator for small sum’s it gonna be one type of exercise for brain.

maths for neurobics

Exercise :-2 (Using non-dominant hand)

  • We are using our dominant hand like the right handed writing persons uses right hand as dominant, by using left hand by the right handed dominant people for the works like brushing,opening the doors, lifting the weights etc., this helps for the exercising of the brain.

left hand writing in neurobics

Exercise:-3 (Do it differently)

  • For example, we aresitting in our study table or chair by keeping the things reversely or upside down then our brain starts to see them in a different way.
  • By eating or cooking in a new way or different way.
  • By driving or walking to home there we must prefer other new route rather than the normal route.
  • If you like a classic music then you listen rock music or vice versa.
  • Eat in silence and pay attention to each bite what it tastes.

Exercise:-4 (Trying or working of our 5 senses)

  • If we take anything we must keenly observe that what texture it has, what odor it has, what taste does it & what colour it has by observing this type of characteristic features for a new thing definitely we are the persons who make our brain to work.
  • If we met a new person we must and should talk with them without fear and watch them with our 5 senses like what type of clothes he is wearing and what type of fragrance or deodorant he used and what type of hair he has and whether he smokes or not with firm handshake.
  • Exercising while inhaling a fragrance of a perfume or a spice.

five senses for neurobics 1

Exercise:-5 (Trying new)

  • Try new brands of cosmetics, foods and toilet products rather than regular one and observing the changes for new one and previous one.
  • Eating lunch at new restaurants rather than regular ones.
  • Shop at new stores or markets.
  • Reading a magazine that we never had read it
  • If you’re a runner than you must do yoga, meditation or vice versa
  • Reading a book aloud and slowly
  • Learn to play a new instrument or learn to a new language that you didn’t know.
  • Learning new language get a perfect exercise to brain and it also helps us to live as a bilinguistic person.
  • Listening music from a foreign country.
  • This type of exercises will increases our brain power and creates a work on the brain and it exercises the brain



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