WHAT ARE MILLET’S? Healthy Benefits of Millets


Millet’s are group of cereal crops and small seeded grasses. Millet’s are widely used and grown around the world. Millet’s are used over the past 5000 years in India. They  are grown at low water content and they are rain-fed grains and consumes less water when compared to the others cereals. Millet’s are available many parts of the world. It widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for foods and human food.


 Common name Hindi name
Sorghum (Jowar)   Jowar
Foxtail millet ( korralu) Kangi
Finger millet( Ragi) Mandua
Pearl millet ( Bajra) Bajra
Barnyard millet ( udalu) Sanwa
Little millet (Samalu) Kutki
Kodo millet (Arikelu)  
Poros millet  

 REASONS OF CONSUMING MILLET’S: ( Healthy Benefits of Millet’s )

1. Millets help to improve immunity: Millets are a rich source of a wide variety of micro-nutrients like calcium, thiamine and magnesium. This nutrients give additional defense for the immune system and prevents deficiencies

2. Eat millets for longer and healthy life: Many researchers have shown that consuming higher fiber rich food increases longevity as millets are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. This fibers helps the food move through the digestive in a systematic and controlled manner. The soluble fiber helps for fight for acidity and cholesterol which is a major cause of suffering of humans. It also improves to fight for bowel related diseases like constipation.

3. Millets helps for the weight loss: Millets have natural nutrients in high concentration especially when compared to rice and wheat. The main reason for weight loss by consuming or eating of millets are- Due to high satiety index of nutrients it feel like your full and satiated which helps you to take less calorie intake in each meal. Thus you are said to naturally lose weight.

4. Good bye for hunger pangs: As millets contains complex carbohydrates and when it compared with the rice, the rice consists of a simple carbohydrates:

As complex carbohydrates take more time to digest in GIT when compared to the simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates digest in a slower and steadies manner. So we feel satiated for longer time, and less feeling of hunger pangs between the meals.

5. Millets for diabetes: Millets consist of low glycemic index when compared to the Rice and wheat. When we take a meal of millets due to presence of high soluble and insoluble fibers, it digest slowly and steadily and release glucose into blood in a particular manner and it causes the low and less spike of glucose in blood.

When matter comes to rice, the rice and wheat consists of the simple carbohydrates, it digest readily in the stomach and releases the glucose molecules in the blood. It causes overall spike of glucose into the blood this causes the diabetes.

6. Eat millets for supporting of desi products and farmers: Millets are rain-fed and hardy grains, it can grow in any draught conditions. When it comes to matter about the rice production consumes more irrigation to grow. When compared to rice the millets can grown over 30% of water which consumes by rice and wheat. Millets can provide economic and food security to the farmers. Eating more millets makes it economically viable for more farmers for growing.


  • Consumption of millets reduces risk of Following conditions
  • Heart diseases
  • Protects from diabetes
  • Improves digestive system
  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases immunity in respiratory health
  • Increases energy levels and improves muscular and neural system
  • Protective against severe as degenerative diseases like parkinsonism and metabolic syndrome.

 In cardiovascular system the millets help for removing of bad cholesterols present in the body and replaces with the good cholesterols which is helpful for the body.


  One has to keep in mind an important aspect of cereal grains almost all the mineral and fatty acids and a good proportion of fiber content are present in outer bran layer. So are need to make sure that product should be unpolished.

                                                      EAT MILLETS BE HEALTHY

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