What are Eating DISORDERS?

      Basically all living organisms do some common works like breathing, sleeping, walking and eating..etc..As we know that for living, food is needed and we eat food for energy. when we eat food our tongue know it’s taste because presence of taste buds…This is very common thing that we already know..If the food is very tasty..we will eat more and more..Is anything wrong in this?? It seems to be “no” it’s not wrong..but science says that it is also a disorder.


           Eating more and more or eating very less than required is known as eating disorder..This disorder affects a person physically, mentally and psychologically and causes life threatening consequences..This seems to be very danger..So in order to know about this also be aware from this kind of disorders…

                  Let us know in detail about this disorder..

Causative factors:-

           What are the main causes of this disorders?? Let’s know some factors which causes these disorders…

          As there are many factors which causes this disorder….some of them are..


          Mostly this disorder is caused by genetics..that means this is hereditary..As per above statement, eating disorder is caused by over eating or restricted eating…This is mostly acquired from genetics….

Twin adoption studies:-

                             Twins who were separated by birth and adopted by two different families, in these cases this disorder is observed..if the first child have eating disorder, second child has 50% chance to get that..Hence proved that this is hereditary..

Personality traits:-

                    This disorder also mainly depends on personality..As in our western culture..we usually observe thin ideals (especially women)..if they gain some weight immediately they start dieting and avoids food..This is very risky..and this is called eating disorder..

Changes in brain:-

                      Most experts says that brain structure and function plays important role in this…As the brain releases some neuro-transmitters (chemical messages)such as dopamine, serotonin..etc..The impairment release of dopamine and serotonin levels also causes this disorder…

                        Let’s know in detail about eating disorders…..

1) Bulimia Nervosa:-

                     This is a kind of disorder which is occurs by binge eating that means uncontrollable eating…Basically in this type of disorder, the person eats the food which is to be avoided.( junk food)

                  This disease causes at adolescence..that means very young age or in early adults..Thus binge eating of a person causes purging..Purging means as the person have eaten more than limit..then he starts to vomit it forcefuly..


                               This is considered to be a disorder because at the stage of binge eating..the person have no idea of how much he is eating or even he can’t stop it…

So having more food without stopping is also a disease..

 Symptoms of bulimia:-

  • Recurrent episodes of uncontrollable eating.
  • Inappropriate purging(vomiting) in order to loss weight.
  • Fear of gaining weight, in spite of normal weight

  Side effects of bulimia:-

      * Sore throat

      * Swollen salivary glands

      * Tooth decay

      * Vomiting

     * Acid reflux

     * Dehydration

     * Hormonal disturbances

     * Imbalances of electrolytes in the body

2) Binge eating disorder:-

            This disorder is similar to bulimia..the people who are binge eating, they can’t control the habit of eating continuously…even they are not hungry, they always eats anything..but they do not have control on eating..same as bulimia but the difference is the people who are at this stage, they eats a lot but they do not make purging they even don’t think about weight gaining…

junk food

                    Mostly this disorder causes at adolescent age or in early adults..also this disease is seen in obese people..and this disorder may also causes diabetes..The people who are suffering from this, they even feel shy for their binge eat behavior but they even can’t control that because it’s a disorder.

             They are vey risk to cause diabetes, heart diseases, obesity etc….


     * Eating large amounts of food in secret, until feeling uncomfortable.

    * Eating food unnecessarily even they are not hungry.

   * Feeling of lack of control during eating.

   * Feeling as disgust, shame of binge eating behavior.

   3) Anorexia Nervosa:

                 This is somewhat different from above disorders..People who are suffering from this disorder, every time they feels like over weight even they are very under weight..This is psychological effect on the patient. They always restricts food by thinking they are overweight.

Symptoms Anorexia Nervosa :-

     * Being underweight than other people of their age.

    * Very restricted eating behavior.

    * Feeling fear of gaining weight.

   * A heavy influence of body weight and body shape self esteem.

         Now a days, all the young people mostly suffering from this disorder.They even don’t know this is a disorder. Especially women of adolescent age, are this disorder cases.

4) Pica

    This disorder is very the person will eat non food things such as ice, dirt, soil, chalk, paper, hair, cloth, pens and other things etc..

      This occurs in children, adolescents, as well as adults..But this is mostly seen in children, pregnant women and person with mental disabilities. The person who eats like this are at a risk of poisoning as it depends on the thing he/she eat.


     This also a mental behavior because normal people will not eat such type of things…

Note: If u are eating such type of careful because you are a pica patient..

5) Rumination disorder:-

               In this type of disorder, the person while having food, he chews it and swallow in normal way but again he regurgitate it and re chews and re swallow it. Generally we can see this kind of behavior in cattle..but this disorder is seen in humans..Actually this rumination occurs in first 30 minutes after meal.

                                   This kind of behavior is developed from infancy, from infant stage(3 months to one year) the children at that age starts rumination and they usually forget after growing up but in some children it can be observed after they grown up..This kind of behavior also seen in adults..The adults worry about this behavior and restricts eating food in public and thus it causes weight loss in adults..

6) Night Eating syndrome:-

The people who are suffering from this disorder, eats immediately after awakening from sleep..They also can’t control of eating even in sleep..

night eating

Is these disorders cause death???

           Of course, yes…because there is one proverb called “anything in excess is a poison”…thus eating more and more causes several diseases like diabetes, heart problems, obesity, body pains etc…these will definitely prone to death…In case of restricted eating by thinking of weight gaining also causes underweight and underweight also leads to many problems…so having limited food do not cause any types of disorders.

Prevention of Night Eating syndrome :

         There is no treatment for above prevention is important..In order prevent these kind of disorders, limited food have to taken. Food should neither excess nor very should be in adequate..

Regular exercise and physical fitness should be maintained…


Eating food is necessary but it should be as a habit not

                     “Eat to live but don’t live to eat”..

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