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A common cold is referred as an upper respiratory infection caused by a virus that usually  affects the nose but many also affect the Throat, Sinuses, Eustachian tubes, Trachea, Larynx, Bronchial. The common cold is self limiting illness caused by any one of more than 250 viruses. However the most common cause of colds Rhinoviruses.
             At some point almost everyone get a cold. colds are caused by a virus, the only antibiotic is not an effective treatment. usually there is  no currently cure for a cold but there  are several home remedies that may reduce symptoms. Fortunately, most home remedies do not have any side effects, so even if they only offer limited health, they will not do any harm.
The following are some common cold home remedies:
This old school remedy can easy a sore throat, which is often one of the first symptoms of a cold. people can choose from a variety of salt water gargle recipes, including gargling with one teas spoon of salt mixed in a cup of warm water.

Another option is gargling with warm water that is mixed with half a teas spoon of lemon juice and honey. with any gargling solutions, people should be sure that the water is not too hot, which can leads to burns.

JAGGERY SOLUTION: Boil water with black pepper, cumin and Jaggery to it. Take this solution when warm and it will give you relief from chest congestion.

CARROT JUICE: This uncommon home remedy is greater to fight common cold and cough. It may sound strange but this interesting drink helps in relieve in common cold.
GINGER TULSI MIXTURE: Extract the ginger juice and add crush tulsi leaves to it and honey. consume it to get relief from and cold.

FLAX SEEDS FOR COLD: Flax seeds are another effective remedy to cure common cold. Boil flax seeds until it thickness and strain it. add a few drops of lime juice and honey to it and consume the mixture for cold relief.
GINGER TEA AND SALT: Cut ginger into small pieces and add salt to it. chew this ginger pieces to fight cold and a sore throat. Ginger tea not only tastes good but also helps in treating common cold. the tea helps in drying running and dripping nose, thus expelling phlegm from respiratory tract.

Various health benefits of ginger, it is known to soothe common cold and speeds up the recovery process. 

SAUTE GARLIC: Saute a few garlic cloves in ghee and consume this when warm. This can be bitter concoction but has a great soothing impact for common cold.

HONEY AND BRANDY: Brandy is known to keep your chest warm as it increases bodies temperature and mixing honey in brandy helps in fighting a cold just a teaspoon of brandy mixed with few drops of honey improves common cold.

SPICED TEA: Add tulsi, ginger and black pepper while preparing your tea and this spiced tea is grater for your health. This three ingredients play an important role in fighting a common cold.
MIXTURE OF LEMON,CINNAMON AND HONEY:Another effective home remedy for common cold is a mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey. This syrup is effectively cures cold.
LUKE WARM WATER: Drink luke warm water frequently as it helps in fighting against common cold, sore throat. Warm water reduces inflammation in the throat and helps in replenishing the fluids and infection out of the body.
MILK AND TURMERIC: An essential ingredient found in almost all ingredient kitchens, turmeric has a strong anti oxidant it helps in treating many health problems. Turmeric mixed in warm milk is a popular and effective way to fight against cold. drinking a glass of warm turmeric milk before sleeping helps in fast recovery from cold.
HONEY, LIME JUICE AND WARM WATER: This is a perfect dose to improve digestion and for the circulation system. adding honey to luke lime water is the best solution in controlling common cold.

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