Magic of the Smile

            Magic of the Smile              

             Smile….I think there is no one in the world who don’t know how to smile….Yes. Smile is the best way which helps us sooo much…Generally, one can smile when that person is happy or that person is ok with their situation…But according to psychology, smile can helps in many ways like physically, mentally, emotionally as well as socially…Is that much importance does smile carries??? Obviously can help in many ways and it can help you to lead good and successful life..Let us see how smile helps us in different ways…..

           Before going to benefits of smile..let’s us one story about how smile helps…..

             According to scientists, smile is known to be contagious..that means easily spreading..let’s see one story about how contagious smile is….

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             Once there is a man who is always arrogant and aggressive every time but reason for his behavior is not known..As he works in software company..In his workplace too he is very arrogant that he didn’t wishes anyone or don’t talk to anyone .He do his work and after the work he will go home…But there’s a watchman in that company…He is very polite and good in his way..As he wishes good morning, good evening to everyone in a polite way…So in that way he wishes this man too…But the man is arrogant and he is not interested in that…He even don’t respond..But one day evening all people in the office went home but this man had work and he was late..This watchman saw all people are coming but that man didn’t come…Then what’s the problem is the man who is there in the office has been locked in a closed room where there is no any ventilation..This watchman went inside and found that man and he rescued him…In that situation, the man thought that he won’t smile or he even won’t respond to watchman’s wish but he is the man who rescued and saved his life..From that situation he realized that one smile can change anyone’s life..and he realized the value of smile and from that day he smiles at everybody and spreads his smile to everyone…..The moral in this story is although the other person is in sad mood or he doesn’t want to smile…He will definitely smile back when you give him a smile……

                Smile can teaches many things that it make you to learn how to keep your surroundings in positive way….let us see many benefits that a single smile can carry….

  Effects of smile on your brain:

         When you smile, that smile impacts a feel good party in your brain..There are many neurotransmitters which sends and receives signals and releases chemicals which affects moods and emotions of a person…When you smile that neural messaging enhances and keeps your body healthy..

brain smile

          There are some messengers in the brain which are responsible to fight against stress..and they are called “neuro-peptides”. Neuro peptides are tiny molecules which helps in the communication of neurons in the brain…They helps in sending messages to whole body when mood fluctuations like depression, anxiety, happy, sad occurs…

          When a person smile, the feel good neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins releases….which makes a person mood in a happy state…But when these neurotransmitters release, they helps to circulate blood in a very normal way and also decreases heart rate as well as hypertension…

                  Now let’s know about endorphins..Endorphins are considered as natural painkillers..with zero side effects and with high potency and long duration…Serotonin, it acts as an anti-depressant…As when depression occurs the person can be prescribed with antidepressants that drugs helps in the enhancement of release of serotonin..But here without using of that drugs, just your smile can help you to release serotonin…That’s the magic of your smile..It can takes away all your depression…

Effects of smile on your body:

     Once you do practically now just go infront of the mirror and look your face first, don’t smile just be serious and look your face..Later, just smile and look your face now notice the difference…Your face is 10 times attractive when you smile than when you are serious…..A study published in the journal neuropsychologia said that seeing an attractive smiling face can activates your orbito frontal cortex, the region in the brain that processes sensory rewards…This says that when you see a person smiling you feel rewarded….

Human body

How smile affects you socially??

          As already stated above that the smile is contagious which spreads to other people easily…This makes the people around you to be in a happy mood..This is because the part of your brain which is responsible for facial expressions when you imitate or respond to another’s will remain in the singulate cortex(the part of the brain which is unconscious automatic response area) then it makes you to smile back….

             A swedish study was made experiments on some different persons by showing them different pictures of joy, anger, sadness…etc of different expressions…Now they were said to imitate the expressions of which picture they were saw…The miracle is that the smile expression is imitated exactly like that in the picture…This is because of singulate cortex…

       Once you observe that, when you smile at any person he will definitely smile back because you are creating a symbiotic relationship on that person to release good chemicals in both of you…it can make both of your faces more attractive and can create positive behavior…

social smile

              If the person didn’t smile back at you he is making conscious effort not to smile…..


                Smile is the best way to attract the people surrounding you and also which helps to enhance your mood..So always try to spread smile…

             “Smile is the best way to keep away negative energy”

         “So always keep smile it makes your face more attractive and beautiful”…



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