How wrinkles are formed?

What are Wrinkles?

       Wrinkles are the folds or ridges or creases formed in the skin.Usually they appear at old age due to worn out (aging) cells. Badly now-a-days, youth also facing much inconvenience with wrinkles. Wrinkles formation might be due to several reasons like aging, Exposure to sunlight, Dehydration, Dry skin, lifestyle and habits like smoking, stress and other factors.


How wrinkles formed?

      A living organism is made of cells and tissues. Mainly our skin(Largest organ)  is made of Epithelial (Outer Epidermis) and connective (Inner Dermis) tissues. This connective tissue  contain cells  called Fibroblasts, which creates two protein fibres called Collagen and Elastin. Collagen strengthens the skin by giving firmness, whereas Elastin as the name implies, enables your skin stretch and bounce back.Both work together for a healthy skin.
       Any damage to these two protein fibres causes damage to skin resulting in the wrinkle formation.As these proteins large in size, cannot penetrate the skin if given through creams etc.The only solution is to increase the number  of fibroblast cells which have the ability to produce those protein fibres. Many creams and medications enhance collagen formation by activating fibroblasts.

Do the Wrinkles formed due to repair?

Yes,  Actually these wrinkles are a kind of  fibrosis of skin which are due to misrepair, that is incorrect repair of injured collagen and elastin fibres leads to extensions and compressions of skin.some of the Injured protein fibres are not  regenerated, but replaced by altered fibres.A long fibre may be replaced by short and viceversa leading to a permanent folding of skin called wrinkle.

What causes wrinkles

           Many factors contribute to wrinkle formation. some of them are:


        As age precides, our cells also slowly becomes aged losing its elasticity.Fat under the skin diminishes slowly leading to saggy and loose skin resulting in wrinkles as the oil secretion decreased.

            Ultraviolet rays from sun may breakdown the connective tissue of skin,leading to the damage of two proteins collagen and elastin resulting in permanent wrinkling.

        UV rays also produces free radicals ( electron deficient oxygen) which steals the electrons from other atoms involved in formation of cellular membranes,proteins,DNA etc.,on the skin, which damages the skin cells.

             Regular smoking causes wrinkles as the skin undergoes dehydration due to decreased supply of blood,thereby decreased oxygen and nutrient supply,dry skin is more likely to wrinkle.

           During menopause in women decreased Oestrogen levels leads to thinning of skin and decreased collagen.


          Vitamin deficiency causes early wrinkling,too much sugar intake causes glycosylation (binding of sugar to other molecules) and causes breakdown of collagen.


         Repeated facial expressions also causes saggy,wrinkled skin.Rubbing skin onto your pillow regularly also produces wrinkles. 
     Some others like pollution, sedentary lifestyle, hereditary, rapid weight loss, fair complexion also cause  wrinkles.


        Many Creams with vitamin supplements like vit-A,vit-E,vit-C are available to regenerate fibroblast cells and enhance collagen levels. Antioxidant supplements fights against free radicals and prevents skin cell damage. 
     Some surgical procedures like microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, Botox ( injection of botulinum toxin which paralyse muscle on forehead, eyes wrinkles etc.,) have been developed to remove wrinkles.


         However Natural treatment and home remedies proved always to be best, which yields permanent solutions to many problems.some of them are:
1. Massage with oils(coconut,olive etc.,) softly enhances blood and oxygen supply to skin cells providing good nourishment making cells healthier.
2.Intake of vitamin rich foods like pumpkin seeds (antioxidant) tomatoes (lycopene), carrots (carotene) etc.,
3. Egg white mask is rich in proteins causes tissue repair and growth.Mask onto the skin heals wrinkles.Banana mask also protects the skin.
4. Cucumber, yogurt with mint leaves will hydrate your skin and prevents premature aging. Aloe-vera having healing and soothing nature with Anti-inflammatory property.

AVOID below: 

  Apart from all these, avoid a few things to make your skin glow.
1. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

2. Avoid high sugary intake.
3. Avoid smoking.
4. Avoid high friction on skin by rubbing.
5. Avoid stress and stay peacefully.
6. Avoid sedentary life and start exercising to stay healthy.
         Though aging and wrinkles is a natural phenomena,one can avoid early wrinkles  easily by some simple tips like natural remedies and avoiding non-healthy habits. you can reduce wrinkles effectively by taking nutritious vitamin rich foods regularly and staying active and hydrated keeps you look smarter and beautiful.

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