Cholesterol…this is the common word we have been listening in our daily life….firstly what is cholesterol..??Cholesterol is  a waxy, fat like substance found in all cells in our body… But having anything in excess is poison.. Is high cholesterol levels is danger???  Yes… It is very danger.. It is the universal problem that is how to reduce cholesterol??? Here are the natural ways to reduce the cholesterol …


                   Cholesterol is very useful in the body it helps to keep the walls of the cell flexible and also helps to make hormones… It has very useful functions in our body but having in excess amounts creates problems… So it has to be in limited amounts…. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that it does not dissolves in water…here one doubt may arises..that is if cholesterol doesn’t dissolves in water then how it is transported in our body?? Here is the answer that,  cholesterol is transported in the form of lipoproteins which carries fat and fat soluble vitamins in our body… Here are different types of lipoproteins in our body it has different effects in our body.. For example,  high levels of low density lipoproteins causes danger like clogged arteries, veins with fat deposits… In case of high levels of high density lipoproteins helps to carry away these fat deposits from blood vessels and helps to prevent these diseases…. So that having HDL is helpful in our body….

          Here we go about the natural ways to reduce the cholesterol levels…..

Effect of food on cholesterol :

             Usually, the cholesterol is produced in the liver..the produced cholesterol is packed in the form of very low density lipoproteins(VLDL) later it is converted into Low density lipoproteins(LDL) it carries the cholesterol to the different places in our body…Later, High density lipoproteins(HDL) will take out the excess cholesterol where the clogged arteries and veins are formed it helps to remove that cholesterol from arteries and veins and keeps sufficient amounts of cholesterol in the blood vessels.. This is called reverse cholesterol transport…This is the normal mechanism in our body.. But these VLDL,LDL are very prone to damage by the free radicals present in our body this is called oxidation… This is very harmful to heart…

     But cholesterol taken in food has very less effect on the body because even though more cholesterol has taken from food, liver takes only less amounts of cholesterol so that food has very less effect…

Take more amounts of mono unsaturated fats :

                        Usually, there are many foods and dietary plans to reduce cholesterol… They usually say that these helps in reducing cholesterol but they reduce cholesterol levels by reducing harmful VLDL and LDL as well as useful HDL so that useful cholesterol also removing from the body… Essential amounts also removed from the body so that it also creates problem.. Usually there are saturated fats and unsaturated fats…Unsaturated fats are safe because it consists of chemical double bond which is not harmful and easily dissociated.. So that if taking of mono unsaturated fats, it consists of only one double bond and it helps in removing harmful LDL and VLDL also helps in increasing the levels of HDL…so having foods rich in mono unsaturated fats are helpful in reducing cholesterol…The foods which are rich in mono unsaturated fats are….

   Olives and olive oil

    Canola oil




    Hazel nuts

    Cashew nuts


Take more amounts of omega-3 fatty acids :

               Omega-3 fatty acids are usually available…this is a polyunsaturated fats which consists of multiple number of double bonds…these helps in reducing the levels of VLDL and LDL so that helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels in taking food rich in omega-3 fatty acids helpful in reducing blood cholesterol levels… There are some foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as, Sea food, Fish oils, Tree nuts, peanuts,  fish, prawns,  shrimps…. etc…

Eat soluble fibres:

     Soluble fibre is produced from the plant which dissolves in water but it is not digested in our body.. The bacteria present in our intestines have the capacity to digest these soluble fibres so that by taking this soluble fibre helpful in reducing the cholesterol… But there is useful bacteria in intestines that are called probiotics…hence these are helpful in reducing the harmful VLDL and LDL…so that cholesterol levels are reduced…

     By taking the above food sources helps in reducing cholesterol levels in blood but here is the again some good daily habits have to be followed..

Regular exercise :

       By doing exercise daily, helps to burn the fat and calories also helpful in removing bad cholesterol and hence in few days it will be going to be a good and healthy habit..

Lose weight:

      Obesity is common problem and first step to many diseases so that losing weight also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels..

Avoid smoking :

     Smoking is the major problem which causes many diseases in our body… It creates free radicals which makes oxidation of LDL and VLDL which is very harmful to heart.. So that smoking should be strictly avoided in order to reduce cholesterol levels…

Conclusion :

         Having more amounts of bad cholesterol makes many problems in our body and also damages heart.. So that by reading this article, you can be aware about this and maintain healthy lifestyle…