Sleep talking……this is very common thing that every person can experience..The another word for sleep talking is somniloquy..This is a sleep disorder which a person can talk in sleep without being aware of it..The talking involves monologues and complicated words..But it is good to know that it is rare and short lived occurrence in many people..This disorder is majorly seen in males and children..

            The people who talk in sleep are not completely aware of their behavior and speech also their voice and way of speaking may differ from speech during wakefulness…sleep talking is spontaneous and induced by conversation with sleeper…


The another thing about sleep talking is that the person who talks in sleep have no idea about what he/she talking and it is nonsense and waste….According to sleep psychology, the person who talk in sleep can talk about relationships, his past experiences which are not currently they are dealing with…

        Even though sleep law and science won’t accept the words spoken during sleep…

What are the Causes of Sleep talking?

  * Stress

   * Depression

    * Sleep deprivation

    * Day time drowsiness

    * Alcohol consumption

    * Fever

      The sleep talking may also caused by other sleep disorders like nightmares and sleep apnea..They also caused by mental or physical disorders like nocturnal seizures or any other psychiatric diseases…

stress for sleep talking

What are the Symptoms of Sleep talking?

  Sleep talking can occur at any stage of sleep…The lighter the sleep, more the sleep talking can be…

In the 1st and 2nd stage the person may have entire conversations..Whereas in 3rd and 4th stages, the person can restricted to moans..symptoms may vary according to severity and duration of the disease..

Severity conditions:

 Mild: Episodes can seen less than a week..

 Moderate: More than a week and light disturbances to bed partner…

 Heavy (Severe): In this condition, the sleep talking can seen daily night and pronouncing loud by causing heavy disturbance to bed partner…

Duration of disease:

  Acute: 1 month or less than that

 Sub acute: More than 1 month less than 1year

 Chronic: 1 year or longer..

Other symptoms:

* Sleep terrors

* Sleep walking

* Obstructive sleep apnea

 * Confusion

* REM sleep behaviour

 * Nightmares

* Nocturnal seizures

 * Psychiatric disorders

sleep walk

Treatment Of Sleep talking:

   Usually there is no treatment for this disorder but if you observe severe conditions of sleep talking causing disturbance to your partner, then consult your physician and he will give some instructions..

     But to prevent it, maintaining healthy lifestyle and good sleep habits, having adequate sleep, preventing alcohol consumption and maintaining sleep hygiene…

        By following all these habits, you can get rid of from this disease…


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