Sinusitis is a common inflammation of the paranasal sinuses the cavities that produce the mucus necessary for the nasal passages to work effectively, Sinusitis can occurs either acute or chronic ..  Chronic sinusitis may cause severe issues and it may last for 12 weeks

What is sinusitis?

        Sinus word refers to a hollow space. Sinusitis affects the paranasal sinuses, the spaces behind the face that lead to the nasal cavity. The paranasal sinuses constitute of same mucous membrane which is similar to that of nasal mucosa, which produces mucous secretion which helps to trap the dirt and other foreign particles like bacteria and viruses..

Sinusitis occurs due to the mucus formation and the space(sinus) get inflamed.


Other names of sinusitis



Symptoms of Sinusitis

In Acute conditions   

Nasal discharge

Facial pain (severe)

Blocked nose

Nasal congestion


Blocked nose

In Chronic conditions

Nasal discharge at morning times

Continuous sneezes

Allergic response in nasal passage when exposed to cool conditions





         The main cause of sinusitis is virus, in adults, 90% of sinusitis occurs due to virus, Bacteria also causes sinusitis in often conditions chemicals or irritants can trigger the mucus buildup in sinuses and cause the rhinitis In least cases fungi especially sinusitis caused by fungi is known as allergic fungal sinusitis. Mainly involved in chronic conditions

Types of sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis: this type of sinusitis lasts up to 2-4 weeks

Chronic sinusitis: symptoms last for more than 12 weeks

Sub-acute sinusitis: symptoms lasts for intermediate period of  acute and chronic (4-12 weeks)


 A simple diagnosis procedure for the sinusitis that a foctor will carry out physical examination and ask the patients about symptoms which they persist

The doctor visually examine the nasal passage or nasal cavity with a light source for the checking of nasal mucosa

Otoscope is a handheld device which is used for the examination of the nose and ear 

For deep examination of the chronic sinusitis the doctor refers for the ENT ( ear ,nose, throat) specialist for deep medical examination with endoscope


Acute and sub-acute sinusitis

Generally sinusitis is a uncomfortable disorder and it can be treated easily with home remedies and over the counter (OTC) medications for relief and relive of symptoms

Sinusitis caused by the bacteria can be resolved with antibiotics

Chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is generally caused by the fungal infections and hence it is not caused by the bacterial infections so it can’t be treated with the antibiotics

Anti-fungal drugs can reduce the infection in the sinus

Corticosteroid sprays can help to relive from the sinusitis


In chronic conditions if they are not treated with the drugs the doctor referred to the surgery

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the main procedure used for the treatment


Maintenance of hygiene conditions

Avoiding smoking

Stay away from pollutants and other cold conditions

Avoid allergens

Using humidifiers to maintain clean air in home or working places

Home remedies FOR SINUSITIS

Steam inhalation causes the widen of sinus and it reliefs from symptoms

Hydration of body by drinking fluids regularly and maintenance of hygiene conditions 

Do not expose to chill conditions directly