Nocturnal enuresis…… This is a new word as we haven’t heard…. But it is also popularly known as “Bed wetting”…but nocturnal term indicates that, this occurs at night time… Before going to know about this.. What is the term “enuresis” mean?? Usually urination is a voluntary action, that means Urination can be done in our control.. But in this enuresis, the term en-uresis means urination without our control… Thus the brief idea about this disease can be got…let’s see the detailed explanation about this disease.. By reading this article, you can get idea about this disease which is seen usually in children and can prevent by different methods….


This nocturnal enuresis is defined as the inability to control the urination or involuntary urination during night while sleeping ..this can be caused when a person is unable to control his/her bladder… The enuresis which occurs during day is called as “diurnal enuresis”… After knowing about above information, you can think that, this bed-wetting can be seen in kids..

But, this is not only in kids but also it can affect in 1-2 persons in 100 teens…

What is seen in enuresis?

Usually, enuresis is of two types… 1)Primary


1) Primary enuresis:

This is normal case the can be observed involuntary urination during night when he/she was a kid..

2) Secondary enuresis:

This is the condition in which it develops at least 6 months to several years… After a person has learned to control the bladder..

Bladder is the muscular receptacle or urine holding container…It expands when it is filled with urine it contracts during emptying the bladder..

In the person during normal urination, the nerves present in the bladder sends information to the

brain and brain sends signals to empty the bladder when the person is ready to go bathroom…

But in the person with nocturnal enuresis, the urination occurs without control…

Causes of nocturnal enuresis:

The exact cause of this disease is unknown.. But the expected causes are as follows..


Sleep problems:

Some teens sleep so deeply that they are unable to do urination during night….


Caffeine consumption causes more urination during night..

Genetics :

Scientists identified that there are some genes which carry the enuresis disease… Also this disease caused by if the parents of the person has enuresis positive during their age…

Hormonal imbalance:

Usually there is a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone which controls the excess urination.. But in this case the anti-diuretic hormone is not sufficiently produced and thus urination is not controlled..

Bladder problems:

Usually in some persons, the size of the bladder is very small, that the bladder can't hold the urine.. So that urination control is failed.. In some people, too many muscle spasms can prevent the bladder from holding of urine…

Psychological problems :

Some doctors think that, stress is also related to cause enuresis…

Diagnosis of nocturnal enuresis :

Usually first the food habits, lifestyle, urination time are known from patient…Later the diagnosis can be done by Urinalysis and urine culture are made.. The urine is tested to check the progression of the disease…

Treatment of the nocturnal enuresis :

Imagine waking up dry:

The person have to imagine themselves waking up dry.. Or when they wake-up with dry, they have to feel rewarding themselves this can help maximum people to prevent bed-wetting…

Managing the food habits before going to bed:

The person have to maintain good food habits and also the person do not take any fluids before going to sleep.. Or drinking water in less amounts at night.. He/she have to maintain this before going to bed…

Conclusion :

This disease not only seen in kids but also seen in many teens.. In order to prevent this disease, these above mentioned habits have to be followed and have to maintain healthy lifestyle…