HOW NARCOLEPSY AFFECTS YOUR LIFE?                                               

             Sleep…this is the basic thing that every living organism do..sleep is the condition of the body in which all the body parts relaxed…sleep is the sign of rest to the body..But here a doubt is arised that if in case of having more sleep during day and night is danger?? Yes it is danger..Are you sleepy all the day?? And night…you have to check once whether it is a disease..Let’s see about one disease which is characterized by more sleep….


             Narcolepsy, it is a sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleep, hallucinations, sleep paralysis and also cataplexy(a state in which a person didn’t wake from sleep even after triggered by strong emotion such as laughter)..After knowing this cataplexy condition, you may have understood how complicated is this disease..come let’s know additional details about this disease…

     This disease may have seen equally in men and women..also this disease can occur in 1 in 2000 people..this is very rare condition which is seen in the adolescence as well as childhood but many people don’t recognize due to lack of proper knowledge about this disease but by reading this article, if you observe these signs in you or people near you, you have to immediately consult your doctor….

Actually, in a normal sleep, there is a sleep cycle which have several stages that every person that, We actually enters early stages of sleep followed by deeper stages and again Rapid Eye Movement(REM) sleep..this is the order of normal sleep..but people with narcolepsy can experience REM sleep immediately at early stages of sleep which is characterized by dreams, nightmares and muscle paralysis..Usually in REM sleep we can experience dreams but this is deeper stage of sleep but in the people of narcolepsy, this deeper stage is seen at early stages of sleep…That’s why the people with narcolepsy also experiences hallucinations….

People with narcolepsy can feel sleepy during all the day and may fall involuntarily during normal activities…Actually in a normal people, there is a boundary between sleepy and that we know that we are sleepy but in the people with narcolepsy, the boundary between normal awake and sleep is blurred and they even don’t know when they fall asleep..

As stated above, cataplexy is the condition where muscles get paralyzed and sleep occurs even they won’t wake after a sudden disturbance..this cataplexy causes muscle tone that leads to slack jaw, or weakness of the arms,legs or trunk…


Narcolepsy with CataplexyG47.411

Narcolepsy without Cataplexy – G47.419

Narcolepsy in conditions classified elsewhere with Cataplexy – G47.421 (code first underlying condition)

Narcolepsy in conditions classified elsewhere without Cataplexy — G47.429  (code first underlying condition)

Causes of Narcolepsy:

      The exact cause of this disease is unknown but scientists say that there is a chemical called hypocretin, which releases from the clusters of cells present in hypothalamus..This hypocretin alters the functions in the brain which results in the sleep, awake and it helps the person to awake or sleep according to normal activities..But in the person with narcolepsy,this hypocretin is damaged and fully destroyed…without hypocretin, the person has trouble of staying awake..and also feel disruption in sleep cycles…

chemical agent

Symptoms of Narcolepsy:

Excessive day time sleepiness:

              Generally, normal people can do their daily activities without any interference of this EDS but people with narcolepsy, cannot do their works properly and they are mentally disturbed without any reason and their memory always lapses like that, the person can’t do his work properly…



        As mentioned above, this cataplexy is the condition in which muscle tone occurs and the person will in always sleepy condition he even don’t wake in strong emotions…he also involuntarily falls down without consciousness…


     This symptom also seen it is observed that the hallucinations primarily it is visual but later other senses also involved..these are called Hypnagogic hallucinations….these type of hallucinations occur during sleep the person frightens during this..But when awake, if these hallucinations occur they are said to be Hypnopompic hallucinations…


Sleep paralysis:

This symptom includes temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up..These are very small episodes after that the person can be normal…

Dreams and nightmares:

      As mentioned earlier, the person with narcolepsy undergoes sleep stages followed by early stage with REM sleep..During REM sleep a person can experience dreams and nightmares….

Diagnosis of Narcolepsy:

   A physical examination is done to patient..The patient should have medical history of this disease..

Clinic or sleep lab should be required as a part of diagnosis…After that diagnosis can be done to patient…Later, two tests to be conducted to a patient such as

  * Polysomnogram

  * Multiple sleep latency test..

PSG is an overnight test that takes place continuous measurements that a patient is asleep according to sleep cycles… PSG helps to check whether the REM sleep occur at early stages or not..

MSLT is conducted at day time to measure person’s tendency to fall asleep and to determine whether isolated elements of REM sleep intrude at inappropriate times during waking hours…


   There is no treatment for narcolepsy but the symptoms mentioned above can be controlled by giving medications like stimulants like amphetamine and other stimulants….

   To avoid mental stress and low mood, antidepressants are given…

         Note: This disease is not acquired but it is caused by unexpectedly according to genes alteration…



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