Dark circle is also called as “Black eye”. A black eye is a bruising to the tissue under the skin surrounding the eye, it causes many of the people to look older even in a young age.


They are embarrassing and make you look older than we are. There are lots of ways adults and children can develop this dark circle under their eyes.  It mainly occurs due to lack of sleep or too much of alcohol or may be due to heavy stress.

Causes of dark circles:-

The dark circles occur by various causes:-

  • Besides alcohol and lack of sleep, illness also causes these circles to appear.


  • They can appear even in childhood and are often an inherited trait.
  • Some people will outgrow and some people can’t.


Nasal congestion can dilate the blood vessel that drain from area around the eye, causing them to darken.

Sleep deprivation:-

  • It is the most common cause and it is easy to prevent.
  • But oversleeping can also cause dark circles.
  • Eczema
  • Stress
  • Iron deficiency can prevent blood from carrying oxygen to eye tissues.
  • Minor trauma that causes appearance of the black eye

Additional causes:-

  • Crying
  • Life style: – drinking alcohol, smoking, cocaine, over drinking of coffee.
  • Fluid retention:- occurs with pregnancy or weight gain.
  • Skin pigmentation abnormalities.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Age
  • Excess salt in the diet


  • Dark circle eye cream by viver skin care.
  • Laser eye vein treatment: – for dark circles and moderate to severe puffiness under eyes.
  • Injectable fillers for deep hallows: – it may be given by the many of the physicians



  • Airborne allergy
  • Cyanosis
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Black pigmentation of the eye
  • Stress like exposure of the eye
  • Changing of skin color under eye to black
  • Sometimes pain

Diagnosis of black eye / dark circle:-

  • Physical examination: Example:- dark circles, swollen nose , puffiness of lower eyelids.
  • Blood test:- Shows increased eosinophil count with allergy .
  • RAST allergy testing
  • Skin prick allergy test
  • Radiological investigation
  • CT scan

Home remedies to get rid of from the dark circles:-

Almond oil: Apply it to the eye and massage gently, leave it overnight and wash off with

cold water next morning .

Cucumber:  Cut the slice and chill it for 30 minutes and place the slices on the eye for 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly with water.

Raw potato:  Natural bleaching agent potatoes are cut in to slices and made them chill for some time. Those slices are made in to juice. Soak the cotton balls on the juice and place the balls on the eyes and after some time remove them and wash with cold water.

Rose water: Soak the cotton balls eye pods in rose water for a few minutes and made them to sit for some time on the eye lids. After a few minutes remove the balls and face is washed with cold water

Tomato: Tomato juice is applied on the eye lid and after some time the face is washed with Normal water.

The dark circles can be prevented by:-

  • Identify allergens and keep away from us
  • Get a good night’s sleep every night (7-9 hrs)
  • Invest in a vitamin rich eye cream.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and drinks lots of water.
  • Drink water by the gallon.
  • Give-up smoking and alcohol
  • Avoid the sun
  • De-stress yourself
  • Reduce salt intake.




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