HOW BLEPHARITIS ((Eyelid inflammation) IS CAUSED

      Eye…. It is the very sensitive and important organ of the body.. Usually if any harm causes to eye, no one neglects it because in case of any harm, it losses the eyesight.. So eye should be taken care..Here is the disease caused to eye called blepharitis…in the name itself indicates that itis refers to inflammation… Such that the total name indicates that this disease caused to eyelid inflammation….  It is common cause of sore eyelids and crusty eyelashes….By reading this article,  you can get the information about this disease and check out once if you or people nearby you are suffering from this,  beware of that because eye is very sensitive organ…



              Usually there are general eye problems such as sore eyes, redness of eyes, itchiness of eyes..etc.. Doctors say that, these symptoms are the causes of this blepharitis… So if you are suffering from any of these, Don’t neglect and immediately consult your optician… Here we go about the detailed information about blepharitis…

Causes of Blepharitis:

  •  Bacterial eyelid infection
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • Dry eyes
  • Fungal eyelid infection
  • Parasites (demodex eyelash mites)

 Here is the interesting information about the meibomian gland dysfunction…. This is the new word, as meaning of this word is not known but here we go in detail about this…

  Usually,  doctors and scientists say dryness of eye and blepharitis are the similar cases caused to eye…later on it is said that blepharitis is the late manifestation of the dry eye…. Hence both dryness of eye and blepharitis are similar diseases…

   Now let’s discuss about the meibomian gland dysfunction…. Blepharitis is mainly caused by the over growth of the bacteria on the margin of the eyelids and the eyelashes.. As due to that growth,  they slowly multiplies and increase their number on the margins of the eye and produces a structure called biofilm…

The biofilm is a toxic complex structure which is very harmful like plague form on the teeth.. There is a parasite called demodex filliforum which grows on the skin of the human body…that is the parasite which causes disease on eyelids and eyelashes… This parasite feed on the biofilm which leads to overgrowth of these parasites on the eyelid causes worsening stage to the eye… This leads to worst stage of the eyelid inflammation.. 

Now the bacteria present in the biofilm produces exotoxins which damages the oil secreting glands present on the eyelids..that oil secreting glands present on the eye are called meibomian gland.. And thus the name meibomian gland dysfunction caused… This also leads to dry eye discomfort….

Symptoms of Bepharitis:

  • Burning or stringing eyes
  • Crusty debris at the base of eyelashes
  • Irritated watery eyes
  • Itchy eyelids
  • Grittiness or foreign body sensation

     Depending on the symptoms,  blepharitis condition severity increases… It is most complicated disease which causes losing of eyelashes (madarosis)…Thus blepharitis is the severe condition if not treated,  it leads to many complications to the eye…

Preventive tips to protect eyelids:

   Eye hygiene is very important… Regularly cleaning the eyes with cold water daily once or twice should be followed… Eyelids, eyelashes, whole eyes are cleaned neatly… 

   Place cucumber pieces on the eye to provide cool environment to the eyes..

Use clean cloth to wash the eyes…

Or.   Dip the cotton swab in cool water or rose water to cool the eyes…

Treatment of blepharitis :

   Firstly if you observe the symptoms of blepharitis,  you first consult your optician and he examines your eye whether you are suffering from blepharitis or not.. Later he gives the treatment according to severity of the disease… But the treatment includes the following :

 Eyelid scrubs:

   Usually, to prevent this problem, eyelid scrubs are used…scurbs are helpful in removing of bacterial growth and biofilm growth on the eyelid… Doctor usually prescribes the daily regimen of warmness to the eye or eyelid scrubs which removes totally the biofilm formation..

     Eyelid scrubs includes eyelid cleansers which cleanses the eye… And non prescription eyelid cleansing pads and diluted baby shampoo….

Medicated eye drops and eye ointment:

  Eye drops and eye ointment is used only under doctor prescription… Drops are helpful in cleansing of the eye and prevents bacterial growth… Whereas ointment usually applied on margins of the eye such as at eyelids.. Thus these can prevent the growth of parasites such as demodex….


      By reading this article you can know the information about the blepharitis…thus by knowing the information about this disease,  you can be aware of this disease and you can educate the people about this disease nearby you…

                                                                      Thanks for reading