GPAT Model Exam

1)       Rate and extent (amount) of drug absorption is called as   (      )
a)      Bioavailability            b) absorption          c) biodose       d) disposition
2)      Disposition is a combination of                                                          (       )
a)      Distribution and absorption                  c) distribution and elimination
b)      absorption and elimination                   d) elimination and absorption
3)      length of nose to anus                                                            (      )
a)      441cm                b) 451cm                c) 461 cm              d) 431cm
4)      Length of duodenum                                                               (      )
a)      20cm                 b) 19cm                    c) 21 cm                    d) 22cm
5)      Length of jejunum and ileum                                                 (       )
a)      255              b) 260           c) 256            d) 250
6)      Length of colon                                                                       (       )
a)      50cm         b)   100cm          c) 200cm           d) 180cm   
7)      Non – ionic diffusion is also called as                                     (      )
a)      Pore transport   b) ion pair transport   c) passive diffusion     d) endocytosis
8)      Driving force of passive diffusion                                           (       )
a)      Concentration    b) electrochemical gradient      c) a &b      d) none of these
9)      Passive diffusion followed by which law                                (      )
a)      Newton ‘s law       b) Roults ‘s law          c) faraday’s law             d) fick ‘s law
10)  Pore transport is also called as                                              (       )
a)      Filteration   b) bulk flow  c) convective transport d) all of the above
11)  What is BCS class I                                                                  (      )
a)      Low solubility                              c) high solubility / high permeability
b)       high permeability                      d) all the above
12)  BCS classes are how many types                                            (     )
a)      1                b)   3                        c)     5                   d) 2
13)  Which of the following is not a filter aid                                            (       )
a)      Diatomaceons earth        b) perlite             c) cellulose                  d) cotton
14)  Filteraids are added to the liquid                                                       (       )
a)      To increase the porosity                       c) a &b
b)       to increase cake permeability            d) none of the above
15)  Sweet land filter is variant of                                                                         (      )
a)      Filter leaf                 b) meta filter            c) cartriolge filter        d) seitz filter
16)  Filter laving pore size ………microns are used to remove virus particules from water (or) air                                                                                                        (      )
a)      0.010 to 0.10    b) 0.30 to 0.65  c) .065 to 0.95  d) 1.0 to 1.5
17)  Which of the following theory not describe rate of filtration            (      )
a)      Darcy law                                 c) kojeny carman equation
b)      poiseuille’s equation              d) noyes whitney equation
18)  The process of separation of insoluble particles from suspension (or) slurry is called
a)      Filtration    b) sieving   c) distillation   d) drying
19)  The centrifugal effect is                                                                                 (       )
a)      Ratio of the centrifugal force and gravitational forces
b)      Sum of the centrifugal force and gravitational forces
c)      Product of the centrifugal forces and gravitational force
d)      None of the above
20)  Which centrifuge is used to separate crystalline drug such as aspirin and sulfamethoxazale from mother lianor                                                   (      )
a)      Performed basket centrifuge      c) super centrifuge
b)      Non perforated basket centrifuge d) semi – continuous centrifuge
21)  Which centrifuge is used when deposited solids provide high resistance to the flow of liquid                                                                                                        (       )
a)      Performed basket centrifuge   c) super centrifuge
b)      Semi continuous centrifuge    d) semi continuous centrifuge
22)  The process in which centrifugal force is used as driving force for plase separation is called                                                                                                                    (     )
a)      Centrifugation   b) filtration    c) evaporation   d) distillation
23)  The separation process in which the amount of solid in liquid is not more than 1% w/v is called                                                                                                   (     )
a)      Olarification   b) filtration  c) centrifugation   d) evaporation
24)  Which of the following factor influence rate of filtration                             (     )
a)      Area of filter surface    c) viscosity of filtrate
b)       Pressure drop     d) viscosity of filtrate
25)   Anaerobic glycolysis yields                                        
a)      loctate           b)  pysuvate   c)  acetate
26)  only sodium chloride ions are  reabsosbed in which part of nephron                                                                         
a)      PCT          b)  ascending limb    c) descending limb
27)  Urea will be reasorbeb in which part of nephron
a)      Collecting duct       b)  DCT            c)  PCT
28)   The outs layer inside the kidney is known as
a)      Costex    b) medulla    c)  epidermis
29)  ATP is synthesized in mitochondria by a process called        
a)      Oxidative stress   b) oxidative phosphosylation   c) both
30)  smooth muscle tissue is fenned in
a)  stomach   b) bones   c) heart 
31)  examples for coenzymes are
a)      NADPH     B) FADH2    C) BOTH
32)   Organ involves in the storage of and concentrating the bile juice is 
a)      Liver    b)    pancreas     c) gall bladder
33)  The tissue involved which has no striations in muscles is
a)      Skeletal muscle      b)  smooth muscle    c)    cardiac muscle          
34)  Zanasi instrument is used for                                                                                           (       )
a)      To determine particle size                   b)  To determine Rheology of semisolids
c)    For tablet coating                           d) Capsule Filling machine 
35)  Size “3” capsule has ____ ml of  Capacity                                                                         (       )
a)      1.3 ml                 b)  0.95 ml                    c)  0.68 ml             d) 0.30
36)    Roto sort is a machine used to short out …….                                                         (      )
a)         Defected empty capsules    b) Coloured capsules   c)  Filled capsules      d) Degraded capsules
37)  Moisture content of empty capsule shell should be between                                           (      )
b)      12-15%           b)  05-08%                c)  02-06%          d)  20-25%
38)  Bloom is the measurement for ______ of gelatin molecules                                           (      )
b)      Dissolution     b)  Adhesiveness      c)  Elasticity         d)  Cohesiveness
39)  Type – B gelatin is having isoelectric point in the region________                                (      )
b)      02-03 PH         b)  04-05 PH               c)  06-07 PH         d)  08-09PH
40)  ________ is not a plasticizer                                                                                             (      )
b)      Poly ethylene glycol                          b)  Propylene glycol
  c)  Poly carbonate                              d)  Tween
41)  Empty capsules of gelatin should be handled  at     ________  % RH                              (      )    
b)      01-05%            b)  15-30 %                 c)  30-45%            d) 45-60%
42)  Gelatin used for soft gel manufacturing should not contain more than ____ppm of
iron?                                                                                                                                   (      )
a) 05ppm                b)  30ppm                    c)  25ppm             d)  35ppm
43)  More alkaline product in soft gelatin capsule can cause                                                    (      )
b)      Tanning           b)  Leakage                 c)  Roughness       d)  All the above
44)  _____ Large loading capacity capsule number                                                                       (       )
b)      00             b) 000                c)  0            d)  5
45)  Temperature test for the dissolution test as per IP is                                                          (       )
b)      37±            b)  37±               c)  37±              d) 37±           
46)  Zanasi instrument is used for                                                                                           (       )
b)      To determine particle size                   b)  To determine Rheology of semisolids
c)    For tablet coating                           d) Capsule Filling machine 
47)  Size “3” capsule has ____ ml of  Capacity                                                                         (       )
b)      1.3 ml                 b)  0.95 ml                    c)  0.68 ml             d) 0.30
48)    Roto sort is a machine used to short out …….                                                         (      )
a)      Defected empty capsules    b) Coloured capsules   c)  Filled capsules      d) Degraded capsules
49)    Capsule are _____ to swallowed.

a) very difficult      c) both a & b   
b) difficult        d) easy

50)    On large scale soft Gelatin capsule are prepared by_______.
a) plate process     
b) rotator die process   
c) both a & b     
d) none of above
51)    The hard Gelatin capsule are produced by mechanical dipping of _______ of desire able shape and diameter.
a) pins     
b) pegs      
c) both a & b       
d) none of above
52)  Capsule are should be stored at ____ and ____ humidity level.
a) dry , low    c) cool , high    
b) dry , high    d) cool , low
54)   What is the % of ionisation of a drug with pKa 5 at pH 8?
A.) 89.9 %             B.) 79.99 %                           C.)  90 %               D. ) 0.0 99%
55)   The conductivity of the solution of an electrolyte is                                                       
     A.)  Independent of Temperature                    B. ) Dependent of Temperature      
     C.)  Dependent of Both Temperature and Pressure  D.)  Dependent of Pressure
56)   25 mL of NaOH solution of unknown concentration was titrated with 3.0 M H2SO4 in the burette.  The following data was obtained: Initial reading of burette = 0
Final reading of burette = 23.4 ml.What is the molarity of NaOH solution?
A.) 1.5 M              B.) 2.8 M              C.) 3.2M                D.) 5.6 M
57)  Read the following statement carefully about the Volhards method and find out the which statement is false?     A.) In Volhards titration, silver ions  titrated with thiocyanates in acidic solution                                                                     B.) Ferric ion act as indicator in Volhards method, Yielding reddish brown ferric  thicyanate.                                       
C.) Volhard’s method is used to determine halides                          D.) Volhard’s method is a direct titration. 
58)   Read the following statements carefully about the non aqueous titration?                
P.) Acetate ion is the strongest base capable of existence in acetic acid.                   
Q.) Mixture of bases of different strengths can be analyzed by selecting a different solvent.                                                      R.) Acetic acid acts as a leveling sovent for various acids like perchloric  and hydrochloric acids.
S.)  Mixture of bases of different strengths can be analysed by selecting a levelling solvent for the base
Choose the correct one
A.) A ans B are True  C and D are false         B.) A and D are  True  B and c are false
C.) A, B and C are true D is False                    D.) All are true
59)   If 14.7 mL of 0.102 M NaOH is required to neutralizw 25.00 mL of HCl solution, what is the molarity of the acid?        
   A.) 0.5M     B.) 0.05      C.) 0.05M D.) 0.06M
60)   Some statements are given about the disodium edetate.                                                    
A.) It is a bidentate ligand.                                                                                               
B.) It is a  complexing agent but not chelating agent.                                                                
C.) It can be used for  the assay of Lithium carbonate.                                                            
D.) It can be used for the assay of Zinc sulphate. Choose the correct answer    
A.) B.C and D are true   B.) B and D are true   C.) D only true  D.) All are true.
61)  Which of the given compound can be used as primary standard for standardization of perchloric acid  solution in non aqueous titration?                           
  A.) Potassium hydrogen phthalate                   B.) Sodium Bicarbonate                 
  c) Potassium dihydrogen phosphate             D.) Sodium Methoxide
62)   Name the compound used for standardization of Karl- Fisher reagent in aquametry?                                                                                                                          A.) Sodium tartrate dehydrate                          B.) Copper Sulphate penta hydrate
     C) Sodium Iodide                                             D.) Sodium thiosulphate
63)  Fajan’s method of titrimetric analysis involves detection of the end point on the basis of which one the following?                                                                                                      
A.) Colour change                                               B.) Appearance of a precipitate      
C.) Neutralisation reaction                                 D.) Adsorption phenomenon.
64)  What quantity of drug is required to make 2% w/w solution in 240 ml of alcohol is ( Density of alcohol0.816g/ml)                                                                                           
    A.) 1.632               B.) 2.400                               C.) 4.00                  D.) 4.800
65)  What is the pH range for phenolphthalein indicator ?                                                   
A.) 9.3 to 10.5      B.) 4.7 to 7.0        C.) 8.3  to 10.0        D.)  2.6 to 6.8
66)  An individual who is able to exert leadership and to manage an operation is called a
a)      Leader   b) leader – manage   c) manager   d) first line supervisor
67)  The capadity to influence people and accomplish desired objectives is called (     )
a)      Power   b) leader ship   c) authority  d) status 
68)  The ability to influence people through granting or with holding benefits (its) that are of interest them is called                                                                           (    )
a)      Reward power    b) coercive power c) export power  d) reference power
69)  Coercive power may occur in which of the following organization’s            (      )
a)      Service firm   c) manufacturing firm
b)      non  profit organization   d) all of the above
70)  MR. X is the only person in the company with expertise in the E-commerce filed. This source of power is called                                                               (    )
a)      Reward power   c) reference power  
b)      Knowledge power  d) none of the above
71)  In which of the following organizations is reference power more likely to the evident?
a)      Tele communication business   c) service organization
b)      Religious organisation    d) base ball team
72)  A leader ship theory that focuses on the eraits of those who have assumed power and who are considered to be effective is called                                                   (    )
a)      Erait theories             c) contingency theories
b)      Behavorial theories   d) structural theories
73)  Micheal is a type of manager who is concenned primatives and accomplishing goals and objectives and concentrates on the tasks it self. His behavioural style is called
a)      Authorirtarian     c) task oriented 
b)      Democratic   d) people oriented
74)  The recognition that – oriented and people oriented behavioural styles are important and that people have different orientations that they bring to the management process is the result of the research of                                                                 (     )
a)      Hersey & lanchard    c) fieldler
b)      Blale % mccanne   d) none of the above
75)  An approach to leadership in which the leader’s behaviour us first cateforized on a scale from task orientation to people orientation , and efforts are made to find a work situation to which that particular style is best suited is called                        (      )
a)      Hersey – blanchard theory   c) fielder’s LPC theory
b)      Fielder’s jago model     d) path goal theory
76)  In the hersey – Blanchard situational leadership model, the authors suggest that the right mix of leadership style is best found by focusing on which characteristics
a)      Intelligence  b) motivation c) confidence  d) maturity
77)  A leader ship theory that postulates that an effective leader is one who develops a verify of leadership styles , and in each situation applies the style that best fits the circumstance                                                                                                          (     )
a)      Vroom – jago model     c)  LPC theory
b)      path goal theory     d) none of the above
78)  according to path goal theory , which of the following is not a leadership behaviour
a)      directive behaviour     c) participative behaviour
b)      supportive behaviour   d) none of the above
79)  according to the text , lee lococca of Chrysler and pat farrah of home depot exhibited what type of leadership                                                                                (     )
a)      transactional   b) transaformational  c) autocratic    d) contingency
80)  which of the following are self – management strategies?
a)      Self – set goals                    c) self rewards
b)      Self – observations             d) all of the above
81)   Drugs activating this receptor are used in treating asthma.                                                (        )
               a.beta adrenergic   b.muscarinic cholinergic c.beta 2 adrenergic  d.nicotinic cholinergic
         82) epinephrine effects on the heart.                                                                            (        )
              a.increased rate b.decreased contractility c.coronary vasodilation d. A & C
         83) activates alpha receptors                                                                                             (     )
              a.isoproterenol b.propanolol c.phenylephrine d.terbutaline               
       84)sympathetic nervous system.                                                                                       (      )
             a.ganglionic neurotransmitter:acetylcholine
             b.generalized response upon sympathetic      activation
             c.thoraco-lumbar origin for preganglionic cell bodies             d.A ,B &C
      85) choline ester most susceptible to hydrolysis by acetylcholinesterase.      (       )                                                                                             .                  carbochol    b.acetylcholine             c.methacholine            d.pilocarpine
       86) resistant to hydrolysis by acetyl cholinesterase.                                                                  (        )
                a.carbochol b.methacholine c.both d.neither
       87) highest nicotinic receptor activity among choline esters:                                                 (        )
                a.Ach b.atropine c.methacholine d.carbachol
       88) therapeutic use of esmolol                                                                                           (      )
               a.anti-arrhythmic drug b.renal vasodilator c.positive inotropic in CHF d.bronchial asthma          e.antihypertensive
        89)drug causes pupillary dilation with no effect on accommodation                                  (        )
             a.neostigmine b.phentolamine c.pilocarpine d.phenoxybenzamine e.atropine
         90) the magnitude of the cardiovascular response to norepinephrine is increased
                 by cocaine because                                                                                                                        (      )     
                a.cocaine inhibits norepinephrine reuptake
                b.cocaine increases N.E. receptor number
               c.cocaine decreases N.E. metabolism by MAO
               d.cocaine increaases conversion of norepinephrine to phenylephrine
               e.cocaine decreases cholinergic receptor number
    91) prevents blood pressure reduction seen with isoproterenol            (         )                   
               a.phentolamine b.atropine c.phenylephrine d.esmolol e.propranolol
     92) Beta-2 selective agonist                                                                            (          )
           a.phentolamine b.labetalol c.epinephrine d.phenylephrine
      93) Which of the following is/are not a gram-positive bacteria?
            A. Streptococci
            B. Pseudomonas
            C. Mycobacteria
            D. None of these
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      94) Gram-positive bacteria, responsible for food poisoning, is/are
            A. Mycoplasmas
            B. Pseudomonas
            C. Clostridia
            D. all of these
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       95) The gram-positive bacteria lack __________ structure/component?
               A. outer membrane
               B. murein
               C. teichoic acid
               D. plasma membrane
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       96) Which of the following gram-positive bacteria causes pharyngitis (sore throat)?
               A. Neisseria
               B. Streptococcus
               C. Staphylococcus
               D. Mycobacterium
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97)  Which of the following gram-negative bacteria is/are not aerobic?
            A. Pseudomonas
            B. Neisseria
            C. Escherichia
           D. None of these
98) B-lymphocytes matures in                                                                                                    (     )
       a) thymus   b) bone marrow   c) none
99) cell signalling molecules between lymphocytes are called                                      (      )
        a) interleukins   b) interkinins   c) both
100) transport mechanism in active transport                                                                     (      )
          a) channels    b) pumps   c)   aquaporins

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