1)      Synonym of Mel                                                                                                                       (       )
a)      Madhu    b) acacia    c) agar    d) tragacanth
2)      Biological source of honey                                                                                                   (        )
a)      Dorsata      b) apidae     c) apis mellifera    d) all of the above
3)      Honey used as                                                                                                                          (        )
a)      Demulcent     c) vehicle      d) creams 
b)      sweetening   agents       e) all of the above
4)      synonyms of babul                                                                                                                  (        )
a)      gum acacia   b) sucrose   c) tragacanth   d) cinchona
5)      family of babul                                                                                                                          (        )
a)      solonaceae    b) leguminosae     c) rutaceae       d) apidae 
6)      uses of babul                                                                                                                             (        )
a)      emulsifying  agent     b) demulcent    c)   suspending agent    d) all of the above
7)      synomyms  of jaguar gum                                                                                                    (       )
a)      acacia    b) pragacanth   c) guar gum    d) none of the above
8)      ash content of guar gum in NMT                                                                                       (       )
a)      1%   b) 2%     c) 3%    d) 4%
9)      Guar gum is also used…………………. industries                                                          (        )
a)      Paper    b) polishing   c) printing & textile   d) all of the above
10)   Sulphated ash value of guar gum NMT                                                                           (        )
a)      3%    b) 4%       c) 5%     d)  6%
11)   Shape of Isapgol                                                                                                                       (       )
a)      Cymbiform   b) cubiform  c) cmoform    d) none of the above
12)   Uses of spogel seeds                                                                                                             (        )
a)      Demulcent   b) emollient    c) bulk laxative   d) all of the above
13)   The muscular tissue which is stsiped & involuntary is                                               (        )
a)      Skeletal muscle            b) smooth muscle              c) cardiac muscle 
14)   Irregular arrangement of action & myosin filaments is observed in                   (        )
a)      Smooth muscle              b) skeletal muscle            c) both
15)   The connective tissues layer around the fundle of muscle fibres / fascicle is   (        )
a)      Epimysium              b) perimysium                    c) endomycium
16)   Which of the following is a start codon                                                                           (        )
a)      UAA                           b) UGA                         C) AUG                        D) UAG
17)   Example for artificial active acquired lmmunity is                                                       (        )
a)      Antibodies     b) vaccines     c) infecnons             d) colostrums
18)   Cell signalling molecules that are released against virus infechons are             (        )
a)      Interleukins       b) interferons           c) chemokines
19)   Which of the following is a lymphoid organ                                                                  (         )
a)      Spleen             b) tonsils            c)thymus        d) all of the above
20)   Example of sulphur containing aminoacids                                                                   (         )
a)      Tyrosine     b) cystein                c) lysine      d) arginine
21)   Muthilofed    nuclens is is found in                                                                                   (         )
a)      Esinophils       b) basophils     c) lymphocytes     d) neutrophils
22)   Delayed type of hypersensitivity which involves the release of T-cells comes under (       )
a)      Type-II     b) Type-I    c) Type-III       d) Type-IV
23)   The type of glycoproteins present on the surface of TH are                                   (        )
a)      CD8      B) CD4                C) CD18                   D)CD20
24)   The type immunoglobulins that are released through colostrum of mothers milk are (       )
a)      IgE                         B) IgG                           c) IgA                                     d) IgM
25)   Which of the following mostly occurring in the separation of crystals / crystallization (      )
a)      Yield of given product                 c) size of the crystals
b)      Purity of the product                    d) all of the above
26)   During crystallization operation , impurities are introduced only from         (      )
a)      Mother liquid      b) solvent    c) adding of crystaling agent    d) none of the above
27)   The balance of equilibrium determined by(        )
a)      Solubility      (concentration)  b) temparaterate c) solubility &temperature  d)none of these
28)   Heat of crystallization=—————                                                                                      (      )
a)      Heat of sol    b) heat of dilution   c) both a & b    d) none of the above
29)   What are the main factors which influences the rate of crystal growth                            (       )
a)      Temperature    b) degree of supersaturating   c) interfacial tension  d) all of the above
30)   In a Swenson –walker crystallizer instrumentation heat can be produced by following parts are
a)      Cylinders   b) vaccumers    c) internal jacket  d) semi circular cross sections
31)   Crystal crystallizers used as the                                                                                                          (      )
a)      For the crystals   b) for the super saturation  c) cooling purpose  d) uniform size srystals
32)   Evaporative crystallizers are ……………..type                                                                                               (      )
a)      Calandria type   b) vacuum type   c) heat type  d) all of the above
33)   Which shape of crystals obtained by using evaporative crystallizers                                  (       )
a)      Cubic   b) rhombic   c) tetragonal   d) all of the above
34)   The agglomeration occurs because of                                                                                             (        )
a)      Impurity of solvent b) impurity of mother liquid  c) impurity of product d) all of the above
35)   Crystallization of equilibrium is set between                                                                                                (        )
a)      Crystal of pure solute   b) residual mother liquor c) both a& b d) none
36)   Crystallization process crystals are formed based on                                                                (       )
a) Concentration higher than saturation level   b) concentration lower than saturation level
c) Both a & b correct                                              d) all are right
37)  acid – fast organism are seen in the sputum of a 48-years old alcoholic man a test to confirm whether he needs long – term multi – drug treatment for tuber culosis is                                                                                                                                                                 (       )
        a) chest x ray    b) ziehl –  neelser stain of the sputurn
        c) sputum cytology     d) myooba cterial  cuttures of the sputum
38) safranin is used as a reagent to detect                                                                                            (        )
       a) gram – negative bacteria    b) gram – positive bacteria 
        c) acid  fast bacteria               d) myxozoa
39) an organism which has been implicated as a  possible cause of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer      is                                               (       )
          a) campylobacter jejuni      b) Escherichia  coli c) helicobacter  pylori  d) giardia lamblia
40) a specimen isolated from a patient suffering from septicaemia was found to be a strict aerobe. Itss culture vial had a characteristics grape like odour and it was susceptible to carbenicllin. Identify the organism                                                                                                                                         (      )
      a) pseudomonas fluorescens           b) salmonella typhi   
         c) staphylococcus aureus     d) pseudomonces aeruginosa
41) a specimen obtained from a patients cerebeospinal fluid  cultured in specialised media for about five weeks showed the presence of bent rods and tested positive with ziehl neelsen. Identify the organism                                               (       )
         a) neissenia mening it is   b) mycobacterium tuber culosis   c) bacteroides fragilis
           d) leptospira intergans  
 42) The most common causative agent of bacterial pneumonia                                                                 (      )
         a) staphylococaus aureus       b) Escherichia coli
         c) streptococcus pneumoniae    d) mycoplasma pneumonaie
43) Creatinine clearance is used as measurement for                                                                      (       )
         a) glomerular filtration rate    b) renal excretion rate   c) drug metabolism rate
              d) passive renal excretion
44) A highly sensitive semi quantitative method of detecting microbial antignens in biological fluid is        a) counter immune electrophoresis    b) nitro-blue tetrazolium dye assay
                c) coomb’s test              d)  radio immuno electrophoresis
45) The mantoux test uses                                                                                                                          (      )
                a) old tuberlin   b) diphtheria toxin   c) serum antigen   d) polysaccharide antigen
46) The dose of tuberculin for mantoux test for an adult is                                                           (       )
             a) 1ml           b) 0.001ml      c) 0.1ml              d) 0.01ml
47) Schick test is performed to ascertain susceptibility to                                                               (       )
       a) tetanus    b) diphtheria    c) mumps   d) syphilis
48) Schick test is used to determine susceptibility to                                                                        (        )
            a) measles   b) diphtheria   c) polio  d) typhoid 
49) The point at which diameter is called                                                                                               (       )
          a) vena contracta  b) critical point   c) eutectic point   d|) freezing point
50) Bernoulli’s theorem deals with law of conservation of                                                             (        )
         a) energy    b) mass   c) volume    d) momentum
51) Ball mill is used for                                                                                                                                    (        )
         a) attration            b) very fine grinding c) cause grinding      d) both a& c
52) Which are the following are objectives of size reduction.                                                       (       )
           a) increase surface area    b) stability of suspersion   c) increase absorption d) all of the above
53) Size separation can be used                                                                                                                                 (        )
               a)to prepare granules of desired size to ensure good flowability
              b) to measure particle size & size distribution  
              c) to know the size reduction efficiency of equipments   d) all of the above
54) Rate of sedimentation depends on                                                                                                  (       )
          a) the diameter of the particle                           b) denicty of the liquid and viscosity of the liquid
             c) the acceleration  due to gravity                   d) all of the above
55) Evaporation takes place at                                                                                                                    (        )
            a) all temperature            b) freezing point                 c) melting point             d) boiling point
56) The rate of evaporation increases if surface area of liquid is                                                  (        )
            a)   laege           b) small                         c) moderate                d) none of the above
57) The enzymes , vitamins glycosides  and alkaloids all extracted                                              (        )
        a) steam distillation                                        b) distillation under reduced pressure 
          c) flash distillation                                         d) vaccum distillation
58) Which of the following distillation process is also caused evaporative distillation         (       )
       a) molecular distillation    b) flash distillation    c) steam distillation        d) fractionating distillation
59)  Which of the following is example of static bed dryes                                                             (       )
        a) tray dryes                     b) drum dryes                   c) rolles dryes                d) spray dryes
60) Substances contained bound water are called                                                                             (        )
           a) hygroscopic substances                                              b) non – hygroscopic substances
              c) efflorescent substances                                            d) deliques substances
61) Which of the following used for drying of food items like mushroom , pracone  ,meat product
         a) tray dryes                  b) spray dryes                       c) rolles dryes                               d) freeze dryses
62) Elton Mayo is most famous for:
a)     Life Experience Theory                  B. The Hawthorne Effect
              C. Process Theories of Motivation       D. Expectancy Theory
63) The Hawthorne effects occurs when;
             a)  The output of a worker or team improves because of rewards
             B. The output of worker or team improves because of constant supervision by management.
             C. The output of a worker or team improves because the people are being observed or            appreciated at work.
              D. The output of a worker or team improves because of the salary package.
              E. All of the above.
64)  The most commonly cited example by Mayo was when managers changed the         ___________ conditions at work in one factory.  When they increased the _____________                 at the factory productivity improved.
             A. Salary                B. Working               C. Social              D. Lighting         E. Climatic
65)  Mayo believed that workers gain a great deal of satisfaction at work from __________    interaction in the workplace.
            A. Social       B. Management             C. Friendly         D. Competitive     E. None of the above.
66)  According to Mayo, money and physical conditions have:
           A. Significant motivational value B. No motivational value C. Little motivational value
           D. To improve consistently to maintain workers. E. Both options a & d.
67)  Mayo would suggest that intrinsic motivation is determined by:
           A. Social interaction at work B. Content of the work C.Spiritual dimension of workers
            D. The work ethic of individuals.  E. Both options a & b.
68)  David McClelland proposed that a workers needs are acquired over time and formed by life:______________.
              A. Experiences     B. Challenges    C. Opportunities.     D. Changing events.    E. Journeys
69)  The three needs identified by McClelland that impact on motivation are:
            A. Achievement, affiliation and power.         B. Achivement, belonging and wealth.
            C. Affiliation, social interaction and power.  D. Achievement, social interaction and power.
             E. Achievement, recognition and power.
70)  People with high achievement needs will avoid ___________ tasks because these tasks will not challenge them. 
             A. Difficult           B. Easy            C. Lower                      D. Dirty                 E. Physical
71)  High achievement people will avoid high risk challenges because the chances of __________ are low.
              A. Winning   B. Gaining popularity  C. Losing respect  D. Failure E. Success
72)  People with affiliation needs like to work in a ________________ work environment where they are liked and accepted.
              A. Challenging B. Kind C. Large D. Harmonious E. Demanding
73) According to McClelland, what type of need is associated with social interaction?
                A. Power   B. Achievement   C. Affiliation  D. Food and drink E. Friendship
74) Some people like to have __________ over an individual, while others may want to have ________ over a group.
              A. Control            B. Influence               C. Submission           D. Leadership        E. Power
75)  Process theory of motivation refers to a process that originally initiated a ____________
             A. Job      B. Behavior            C. Sin           D. Opportunity                E. Belief
76)   Which of the following can be classified as process theories of motivation?
           A. Equity theory B. Expectancy theory C. Affiliation theory D. Power theory    E. Both options a & b.
77) The following is the main inhibitory transmitter in the brain.                                (           )
             a.GABA      b.Serotonin     c.Dopamine        d. all the above
78) GABA is formed from  _____ by the action of glutamic acid decarboxylase          (           )
               a.phenyl alanine           b.tyrosine           c.dopamine          d.glutamate
79) Specific GABA A agonist .                                                                                                    (           ) 
          a.biculline                      b.Gabazine              c.picrotoxin             d.Muscimol
80) Dopamine pathway in the brain.                                                                                    (           )
           a.nigrostriatal pathway  b. mesolimbic pathway  c. mesocortical pathway  d. all the above
81) The dopaminergic pathway whose cell bodies are present in the substantianigra whose axons terminate in the corpus striatum.                                                                                       (           )
            a.nigrostriatal pathway                 b. mesolimbic pathway             c. meso cortical pathway
                 d.tuberohypophyseal pathway
82) The disease is associated with difficiency  of  nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons  (           )
                  a.schizophrenia                b.parkinson’s            c. epilepsy           d.none
83) 5-HT1A receptor agonist used to treat anxiety                            (           )
              a.buspirone               b. Sumatriptan                    c.pizotifin              d. all
84) Muscuranic antagonist cause amnesia                                                                              (           )
             a.hyosine            b. Ach          c.nicotine                d. d-tb
85) Excitatory amino acid transmitters in the CNS.                                                                 (           )
            a.glutamate                    b.aspartate                  c. a& b                  d. none.
86) Nucleasaccumbens  and the amygdaloidnucleaus are seen in the region ___        (          )
            a.ponsb.lim               bicsystem                   c. frontal cortex                                         d.none
87) Dopamine acting on the chemoreceptor trigger zone to cause a ­­­_______                (           )
            a.nausea&vomithing         b.depress respiration         c.increase Heart Rate            d.none
88) Hormones release from the  anterior pituitary gland is regulated by dopamine  (           )
           a.dopamine          b.serotonin           c.GABA            d. all
89) Total hardness of water can be determined by titrating the fixed volume of water against the standard ___________ solution.
    a) Soap         b) Alkaline soap                c) Acidic soap           d) Alcoholic soap
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90) The end point of the titration in the soap titration method is ___________
         a) Formation of lather                   b) Formation of salts
         c) Formation of carbonates            d) Formation of bicarbonates
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91) The sodium soap will precipitate all the hardness causing ions into their respective __________
   a) Carbonates          b) Bicarbonates         c) Stereates          d) Chlorides
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92) The water which form lather directly with the soap is called __________
     a) Hard water        b) Soft water        c) Partially hard water      d) Very hard water
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93)  EDTA method is also called as_________
       a) Complexometric titration                   b) Complex titration
       c) Complement titration                      d) Complexion titration
94)  The indicator used in the EDTA method is___________
        a) Benzene                        b) Phenopthalene
        c) Ethylene diamine          d) Erichrome black T
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95)  EDTA has the ability to form _________ with metal ions.
        a) Stable complexes                       b) Unstable complexes
        c) Salts                                           d) Acids
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96)  The colour of dye metal complex and dye are ___________
       a) Same           b) Different     c) Same in only some cases      d) Cannot be known
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97) The change in colour is sharper at the PH of ________
       a) 5                    b) 10                    c) 15                          d) 20
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98)  At PH=10, the metal dye complex has the colour________
      a) Wine red               b) Blue             c) Green            d) Pink
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99)  To prepare EDTA solution, _________ grams of EDTA is dissolved in the one litre of water.
           a) 1                        b) 2                          c) 3                        d) 4

100)  _________drops of indicator is used in the EDTA method.
           a) 1 to 2 drops                b) 2 to 3 drops                 c) 2 to 4 drops           d) 5 to 8 dro

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