GPAT and Pharmacy Entrance exams model questions

GPAT and Pharmacy Entrance exams model questions 1

1)      Reynolds number depends on one of the following factors                                        (      )
a)      Roughness of the pipe                           c) Viscosity of liquid
b)      Surface area of the pipe                        d) volume of the liquid
2)      In which portion of a pipe the flow of liquid is high                                                    (      )
a)      At the actual surface of pipe wall      c)  Near the pipe well
b)      Central portion                                          d) transition region
3)      Displacement meter is used to measure one of the following                                      (      )
a)      head loss of liquid                                    c) volume of liquid
b)      Velocity of liquid                                      d) weight of liquid
4)      Which of the following gives direct reading of flow of fluids                                        (     )
a)      Orifice meter                                             c) rota meter
b)      Pitot tube                                                    d)Venturi meter
5)      How many liquids are used in different manometer                                                       (      )
a)      Four                b)One                                  c) three      d) two                                                            
6)      Reynolds number is indicative of one of the following                                                   (     )
a)      Fluid flow type                                          c) pumping rate
b)      Frictional factor                                         d) roughness of pipe
7)      What is the unit for pressure energy in hydraulics                                                           (     )
a)      Joules            b) Kg*m/s2                        c) metre                              d) Pascal
8)      Which one of the following experiments is used for the study of flow of fluids      (    )
a)      Bernoulis                                                     c) Reynolds
b)      Orifice meter                                             d) stokes
9)      Which type of head is measured using pitot – tube                                                         (    )
a)      Kinetic velocity head                              c) static velocity head
b)      Pressure head                                           d) total head
10)   Which one of the properties is responsible for the use of mercury manometer      (     )
a)      High surface tension                               c)  low specific gravity
b)      High vapour pressure                             d) low vapour pressure
11)   Measurement of time of flow is important for the determination of flow of fluids in one of the following                                                                                                                                           (      )
a)      Displacement meter                               c) Roto meter
b)      Orifice meter                                             d) Venturi meter
12)   Which one of the following is ‘’not” covered under the definition of fluids          (     )
a)      Gases            Liquids                                  c) solids       d) vapours                                                                                   
13)   Which of the following statements is the regarding nitrate tolerance                     (     )
a)      Tolerance does not occur with oral isosorbide dinitrate
b)      Tolerance does not occur in patients who are concurrently on metoprolol
c)       Tolerance is dependent on the administration schedule of nitrate medication
d)      Tolerance is does occur with topical nitroglycerine ointment
14)   Which of the following is not a benefit of performing medication reconciliation activities in a hospital setting                                                                                                           (     )
a)      Reduction of medication errors
b)      Reduction of inventory pilferage
c)       Reduction of preventable adverse effects
d)      Assessment of patient adherence to therapy
15)   In dispending the Latin abbreviation for “before meals ‘’ is                                         (      )
a)      Ac                    b) Aa                                    c) pc            d) ic                                                 
16)   In dispensing the English meaning for Latin phrase “ex aqua ‘’ is                               (      )
a)      With or in water                                       c) soluble in water
b)      Extra cellular fluids                                  d) exact amount
17)   Appropriate quality control procedures to ensure product and patient safety in the pharmacy do not include which of the following                                                                               (     )
a)      Adhering to guidelines for cold chain management
b)      Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for dispensary surfaces
c)       Cleaning counting trays and automated counting machines regularly
d)      Using TALL man lettering on all prescription labels
18)   The hospital pharmacist is asked for advice from physician after a newly admitted patient is diagonised with ischemic stroke. In the selection of drug therapy for the initial management of this patient the pharmacist would find all the following resources useful EXCEPT? (     )
a)      Published resources useful EXCEPT
b)      Harrisons principles of internal medicine
c)       Primary journal articles
d)      Compendium of products for minor ailments
19)   The pharmacist fills a prescription for sumatriptan 100mg tablet for a migraine which of the patient appropriate information to provide on the patient includes which of the following                   (     )
a)      If sumatriptan does not relive the headache within in four hour ergotamine may be used 
b)      If no relief is achieved is 2 hours, sumatriptan may be repeated
c)       If headache is relieved but another headache occurs eight hours later,
d)      The maximum dosage in any 24 – hour period is six tablets
20)   Which of the following is appropriate auxillary labelling for all allopurinol                    (      )
a)      Take with plenty of fluids
b)      Take on an empty intake of dairy products
c)       Avoid an current intake of dairy products
d)      Avoid concurrent intake of grape fruit juice
21)    The recommended paediatric dosage for azithromy on the rapy is 12 mg 1 kg,  personal , once daily on day 1 to 5. For the total course of 8.3 kg, calculate the total volume needed for the total course of treatment, if a product supplying 200 mg/5 ml supplied for this order(    )
a)      12.5 ml                          b) 15 ml                c) 25 ml         d)37.5 ml
22)   A pharmacist is making a presentation on medication adherence to a group of clients. Which of the following would be the most appropriate indicator of the effectiveness the presentation for these clients ?                                                                                              (    )
a)      Increase in fill quantity for each prescription refill
b)      Reduced no of prescriptions filled per month
c)       Increase in no of non prescription medication used
d)      Prescription refill dates closer to expected fill intervals
23)   The following prescription is received in a pharmacy
                      Losec  20 mg    s: i po bid     m : 2 weeks
           Which of the following is correct labelling for this prescription                                     (      )
a)      Take one tablet twice weekly ( 28 tablets )
b)      Take one tablet twice weekly ( 4 tablets )
c)       Take one tablet twice daily ( 56 tablets )
d)      Take one tablet twice daily ( 28 tablets )
24)   Which of the following responsibilities can be appropriately delegated to a non – phoermacist manager of a community pharmacy                                                            (     )
a)      Purchasing narcotic drugs
b)      Selecting clinical decision software for the dispensary computer
c)       Coordination staff schedule
d)      Supervising pharmacy technicians
25)    Hybridoma technology is widely used for producing                                                    (     )
a)      Callus cultures Organ cultures            c) Monoclonal antibodies
b)      Organ cultures                                       d)  All
26)    An example of cytokine is                                                                                                          (     )
a)      Insulin                                                       c) Gonadotropin
b)      Interlukin                                                 d)Thyroxin
27)    Bacteria that grow at temperature as high as 55o are                                                     (     )
a)      Thermophiles                                           c)  Psychophiles
b)      Mesophiles                                               d)  Auxophiles
28)   Sight of infection of caliform bacilli is                                                                                      (     )
a)      lungs                                                         c) colon
b)      gall bladder                                              d) urinary tract
29)   The medium used in membrane filter technique was                                                    (     )
a)      EMB agar
b)      EMR – vp medium
c)       Lactose broath
d)      Endo agar
30)   Which of the following called serum hepatitis                                                                    (      )
a)      HCV            b)  HAV                                    c) HBV             d) HIV
31)    Food poisoning is cause by                                                                                                        (      )
a)      Diphtheria
b)      Clostridum welhi
c)       Clostridum tetani
d)      Clostridum botulinum
32)   Lysol is a                                                                                                                                             (     )
a)      Disinfectant                                   c)Antiseotic
b)      Sterilent                                          d) Antifungal
33)   The bacteria that is most commonly used in genetic engineering is                       (     )
a)      Klebsiella                                           c) Escherichia
b)      Serratia                                           d) Proteius
34)   Which of the following is neutral stain                                                                                   (      )
a)      Picric acid                                       c) Neutral red
b)      Gmiemsa                                         d) Malachite green
35)   Pencilline is a                                                                                                                (      )
a)      10 metabolite                               c)  20 metabolite
b)      20 metabolite                                d) None of the above
36)   Endotoxin produced by gram – ve bacteria is present in                                              (       )
a)      Peptidoglycan                               c) Theichoic acid
b)      Lippoly saccharide                        d) Inner membrane
37)   Which of the following is non  verbal communication                                                  (      )
a)      Facial expressions                      c) Posture
b)      Appearance                                  d) All of above
38)   Communication is the fast of importing                                                                                (       )
a)      Training                                      c) Knowledge
b)      Information                                d) Message
39)   The whale concept of achiving success beings with how you                                      (      )
a)      Behave                                         c) Work
b)      Think                                            d) All of the above
40)   The trump card during ……. should be brought out at the crucial moment                   (      )
a)      Interview                                     c) Training
b)      Negotiation                                d) Purchasing
41)   The ……… body of the presentation should be broken in to shork and clear units         (     )
a)      Main          b) Middle             c) Upper         d) Lower
42)   Which of the following are the most effective ways of communication                        (     )
a)      Verbal                                      c) Written
b)      Non – verbal                           d)  All the above
43)   The ……… of business letter is called layout                                                                   (      )
a)      Body                                    c) Pattern
b)      Content                              d) All the above
44)   Gopal helps us to …………….?                                                                                           (      )
a)      Communicate   b) Success      c) Work    d) Morivate
45)   The most important goal of business communication                                                     (      )
a)      Favour relation ship b/w sender & receiver
b)      Organizational good will
c)       Receiver response
d)      Receiver understanding
46)   Down word communication flows from ………………….to…………………..?                      (      )
a)      Upper to lower                        c) Horizontal
b)      Lower to upper                       d) diagonal
47)   Horizontal communication takes place b/w                                                                   (      )
a)      Superior to subordinate                 c) Employces with same status
b)      Subnordinate with same status    d) None of the above
48)   Appeals & representation are used in …………… communication                                              (      )
a)      Horizontal                              c) Upward
b)      Downward                              d) Grapevine
49)   Vaccum distillation occur at                        (     )
a)      Temperature is below its boiling point
b)      High  boiling point
c)       High temperature     d) High atmospheric pressure
50)   When the difference between the volatilities of two components is very large , then which of the following distillation method is used                                                                          (     )
a)      Flash distillation              c) Steam distillation
b)      Vaccum  distillation        d) Molecular distillation

GPAT Model Questions 2

1)      The process of separation b/w components at the mixture containing miscible volatile liquids having different but boiling points is called                                                   (      )
a)      Rectitication                           c) Evaporation
b)      Distillation                               d) Condensation
2)      The enjymes , vitamins , glycoside and alkaloids are extracted by                             (      )
a)      Steam distillation
b)      Distillation under reduced pressure
c)       Flash distillation
d)      Vaccum distillation
3)      Porcelain piece is added into distillation flask befoe distillation because                                (     )
a)      To avoid chances of bumping
b)      To avoid over heating
c)       To get unitarm mixing
d)      To raise the level of liquid in distillation flask
4)       In distillation , distillate is                                                                                                            (      )
a)      Diolute sol n
b)      Liquid which is collected by condensation
c)       Concentrated solution
d)      Concentrated solution feed liquid in distillation apparatus
5)      If solutions contain thermolabile substance , then which of the following distillation method is preferred                                                                                                                                            (     )
a)      Vaccum distillation                             c) Simple distillation
b)      Fractional distillation                         d) Steam distillation
6)      Which equation is useful in the analysis of simple distillation                                      (     )
a)      Royleigh equation
b)      Haigen poiseuille ‘ s equation
c)       Bernoulli’s equation
d)      Mier’s theory
7)      In fractional distillation , a large surface area for condensation is provided through (    )
a)      Still
b)      Thermometer
c)       A fractionating column      d) Reflux evaporation
8)      Which of the following distillation process is also called evaporative distillation (    )
a)       Moleculer distillation
b)      Flash distillation
c)       Steam distillation
d)      Fractionating distillation
9)      Stoke is the unit of                                                                                                                         (     )
a)      Surface tension
b)       Viscosity
c)       Kinematic viscosity
d)      None of the above
10)   Mach number is given by                                                                                                            (     )
a)      M=c/v       b) M=c v       c) M=v/c      d) None
11)   A vasoconstrictor used for the sympathomimetic relief of rhihitis & sinusitis       (      )
a)      Ephedrine                           c) Naphazoline
b)      Adrenaline                          d) All of the above
12)   A natural alkaloid used as miotic in the treatment of glaucoma is                              (      )
a)      Ephedrine                             c) Pilocarpine
b)      Nicotine                                d) Atropine
13)   Homatropine is an ester of tropine with                                                                               (     )
a)      Mandelic acid                     c) Tropic acid
b)      Tropic acid                          d) Non of these
14)   Atropine is an ester of an alcohd tropine with an aromatic acid                                  (     )
a)      Mandelic acid                      c) Barbituric acid
b)      Tropic acid                             d) None of these
15)   Biperiden is mainly used in                                                                                                         (     )
a)      Glacoma                                c) Palkinsonim
b)      C.H.F                                      d) Renalfailure
16)   Salbutamol is a drug of choice in the treatment of                                                           (     )
a)      Brochial asthma                     c) Urinary tract infection
b)      Hepatitis                                  d) Parkinsonism
17)   Adrenaline is administered in the form of                                                                           (      )
a)      Paste      b) Suppository     c) Injection     d) Ointment
18)   Ephedrine is                                                                                                                                      (      )
a)      Tannin                                  c) Amine alkaloid
b)      Glycoside                                d) Tropane alkaloid
19)   Catechol is                                                                                                                                         (     )
a)      1,4 – dihydroxy benzene
b)      1,3 – dihydroxy benzene
c)       1,2 – dihydroxy benzene
d)      dihydroxy benzene
20)   adrenaline is chemistry                                                                                                                (     )
a)      1 – (3,4 – dihydroxy phenyl) – 2 – methyl / amino ethanol
b)      2 – (3,4 – dihydroxy phenyl) – 3 – methyl / amino ethanol
c)       6 – (5,7 – dihydroxy phenyl) – 4 – methyl / amino ethanol
d)      8 – (5,6 – dihydroxy phenyl) – 3– methyl / amino ethanol
21)   Basic heter cycle ring present in nicotine                                                                              (      )
a)      Imidazole   b) Pyrimidine   c) Pyridine   d) Pyrrole
22)   Basic ring present in prazosin                                                                                                   (      )
a)      Imidazole    b) Indole      c) quinazoline   d) quinaxaline
23)   …………… is used as propellants                                                                                              (      )
a)      Steam       b) Nitrogen     c) Water vapour    d) Gas
24)   The compressed gas ……… with increasing head space of the container                               (     )
a)      Compress    b) Expands    c) Vacumises    d) Reacts
25)   Aqueous soluble gas in solution is ……………….gas in head space                             (      )
a)      In equilibrium with               c) Higher than
b)      Not In equilibrium with       d) Soluble in
26)   If the propellant phase has less density , it  …………… on                                                             (      )
a)      Condenses    b) Vapourizes      c) Sinks     d) Floats
27)   Mechanical break – up actuators having battles are used to produce                      (     )
a)      Corse spray    b) Finer spray  c) Foams     d) Vortex spray
28)   ………….is a type of aerosol filling                                                                                     (     )
a)      Pruning    b) Cold filling        c) Blistering      d) Fusing

29)   Flouro – hydrocarbons propellant are filled by                                                                  (     )
a)      Strilling                 c)  Value dispense
b)      Cold filling             d) Dosator method
30)   Discharge ratio is expressed as                                                                                                 (     )
a)      Gm/ml    b) Ml/sec      c) Gm/sec     d) Ml/mm
31)   …………..is a test for flammability of aerosol                                                                      (      )
a)      Flame lgnition          c) Fretting
b)      Blue flame index        d) Flame extension test

32)   …….has seriees of tubes of admonishing diameter arranged perpendicular to each other (      )
a) Mass meter                        c) Infra – red – tubes
b) cascade impactor               d) Photo diode
33)Which is determined using karl fisher method                                                      (      )
a) Solvent ratio     b) Propellant ratio     c) Moisture    d) Particle size
34) Which helps to deliver correct dosage from aerosol                                                  (      )
a) Valve     b) Metered value     c) Diaphragm valve   d) Actuator
35)Available dose of tab diclofenace I.P                                                                           (      )
a) 50mg    b) 75mg      c) 200mg    d) 500mg
36) Available dose of gnj. Ligno caine I.P  2%                                                                                (      )
a) 40ml    b) 30ml       c) 100ml     d) 50ml
37) Available does of tab gluprofen I.P                                                                                           (       )
a) 40mg,50mg  b) 200mg,400mg   c) 10mg,20mg   d) 0.5mg,1mg
38) Given one example of antidote                                                                                                 (     )
a) Activated charcoal    b) Zinc acid   c) Copper  d) Zinc sulphate
39) Available does of movrphine tab I.P                                                                                         (     )
a) 10mg      b) 0.5mg   c) 0.4mg       d) 0.7mg
40) Available dose of tab phenytoin I.P                                                                                          (      )
a) 50mg,100mg   b) 50mg,90mg    c) 40mg,50mg d) 150mg,250mg
41) Given example of anticonulustant drugs                                                                                (      )
a) Carlamazepine   b)Phentyoin c) Phenofarfitone d) All of them
42) Available dose of tab allendazole I.P                                                                                        (      )
a) 400mg b) 100mg c) 500mg d) 200mg
43) Available dose of cap amipicilline I.P                                                                                        (     )
a) 250mg b) 150mg c) 150mg d) 100mg
46) Available does of tab azithromycine                                                                                         (      )
a) 250mg,500mg  b)100mg,50mg c)150mg,450mg d) 400mg,500mg
47) Given a one example of antigraine medicine…………..                                                     (       )
a) Dihydro crgotamine  b) CPM c) Citrazine d)Au
49) Available dose of ondansetron tab                                                                                           (       )
a) 4mg,8mg b) 1mg,2mg c) 5mg,2mg d)7mg,8mg
50) The founder of first institute of pharmacology in 1847 in Germany                            (      )
a) Rudolf buchheim  b) Oswald schmiede berg c) T frajer d)Pehrlich

                          GPAT  Model paper 3

1)      Most drugs posses physico – chemical affinity for plasma proteins acides drugs find to plasma albumin basic drugs to                                                                                                          (      )
a)      Albumin  b) Rbc c) Alpha acid glycoprotein d) Lipid
2) The primary site for drug metaboleson is                                                                             (      )
a) Kidney  b) Intestine  c) Lungs  d) Liver
3)      In the process of bio – transformation. The inactivation of the drug in the body fluids by spontaneous molecular re arrangement with out the agency of any enzyone. Itis known as
a) Sulfatc conjugation  b) Alutathione conjugation  c) Molfmann elimination d)Glycine conjugation
4) A macro molecule located on the surface inside the effector cell that serves to recognise the signale molecule / drug & initiate response to it but it self has no other function         (      )
a) Antigen  b) Antibody  c) Receptor d)Enzyme
5) Nicotinic receptors are type of receptors                                                                        (      )
a) Intrinsinion – channel  b) G . protein completed reports  c) Enzyone completed receplors
b) Jak stat kinase binding receports
6) The bio availability of drug administered through systemic route intra-venous     (       )
a) 50% b) 40% c) 90% d) 100%
7) In secondary active transport. The active transport affected by another set of SLC ( solute carrier transport ). The energy to pump one solute is derived from the down hill movement of another solute. When the concentration gradients are such that both the solutes move in the same direction the explanation is about    (      )

a) Diffusion  b) Symport c) Perfussion  d) Antiport

8) Identify youngs  formul                                                    (     )
a)    Chid dose = asc / age+12*A.D  b) Individual dose = BW(KG)/70*A.D c)Individual dose = BSA(M2/1.7*average adult dos
9) An inert substance which is given in the grab of a medicine            (     )
a)      Placebo  b) Active drug  c) Excipiant
10) The term refers to requirement of higher dose of a drug to produce a given response
a)      Tolerance b) Cumulation  c) Additive effect.
11)In phase -1 – clinical trial. The number of subjects considered                 (     )
a)      20-40  b) 20-25 c) 40-60 d) 50-60
 12) The word pharmacognosy was coined by german scientist                                                         (     )
a)      C.B. seydler  b) C.A. seydler c) C.M. seydler d)A. Shim seydler
13) The word pharmacognosy derived from which language                             (     )
a)      Italic  b) Hindi  c) French d) Gree
14)  Meaningof pharmakon                                                                               (     )
a)      A drug  b) A receptor  c) A site  d) Active pharmaceutical ingredient
15) Who is father of medicine                                                                                     (     )
a)      Ebers  b) N. Lemary  c) Serturner d) Hippocrates
16) Plant kingdom was studied by                                                               (      )
a)      Theophrastus b) Dioscorides c) pentsoo d) shennung
  17)  ………………was isolated morphine from opium                                         (      )
a)      Papyrus b) Dioscorides c) Serturner d) Aristotle
18)What is kaya chikista                                                                        (      )
a)      Toxicology  b) Internal medicine c) Pharmacology  d) External medicine
19)  What is shalakya tantra                                                                                   (      )
a)      Paediatrics  b) Surgery  c) Physiotherapy d) Otorhinoloryngology
20)  What is Bhut – vidya                                                                            (      )
a)      Rejuvenating therapy  b) Internal medicine  c) Psychiatry d) Toxicology
21)  Unani system of medicine is also called as                                                  (       )
a)      Greeco – arab medicine  b) Iranian medicine c) Arab medicine d) All of the above

1. What is Penicillinase resistant Penicillin     

a. Amoxicillin                        b. Ampicillin
c. Penicillin V                         d. Methicillin

2. Rideal Walker test is performed by using the strain           

a. Escherichia coli                    b. Staphylococus neruri
c. Streptococcus pyogenes       d. Salmonella typhii

3. Match the following questions

     1) Glidant      (   )    a) Pre – gellatinised starch
     2) Diluent      (   )    b) Calcium sulphate
     3) Adherant   (   )    c) sodium alginate
     4) Disintegrant (   )  d) Colloidal silica

4. Schedule’ N’ deals with ………………………………….

Ans 1. D  2. D  3. d, b, a, c   4. Minimum equipment needed for a  retail pharmacy

5. Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement for

a. Glomerular filtration rate       b. Renal excretion rate
c. Drug metabolism rate             d. Passive renal excretion

6. The wavelength source in N.M.R spectrometer is

a. Goniometer                             b. radio frequency oscillator
c. high voltage generator            d. Klystron oscillator

7. Fiducial limit is a term used in

a. Microbiological assay              b. Biological assay
c. Chemical assay                         d. Instrumental methods of assay

8. Benzoyl peroxide is

a. an astringent              b. an emollient
c. a preservative             d. a keratolyne

Ans- 5. a, 6. b, 7. a, 8. d

9. Liver microsomal enzymes are stimulated ( enzyme induction) by

a. Cimetidine               b. Phenobarbitone
c. Procaine                   d. Adrenaline

10. Enteric coating is achieved by using

a. HPMC         b. CMC
c. Cellulose acetate Phthalate    d. Povidone

11. Car price reaction is applied for the Photometric evaluation of

a. Vitamin A             b. Tocopherol
c. Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate     d. Benzodiazepine

12. Prostaglandins are a group of related

a. alcohols          b. Aldehydes
c. Fatty acid        d. Alkaloids

Ans – 9. b, 10. c, 11. a, 12. c

13. The antibiotics and their adverse effects are mentioned below Match them:

1. Chloramphenicol    (     )     a. Haemolytic anaemia
2. Erythromycin          (     )     b. Hepatotoxicity
3. Cephalosporins       (     )      c. CNS toxicity
4. Streptomycin           (     )     d. Nephrotoxicity
                                                  e. Ototoxicity

14. The Pharmacy Council of India is constituted by

a. Central government                        b. State Government
c. Parliament                                       d. Legislative  assembly   

15. Poorly manufactured tablets may have small pinholes on the surface, This phenomenon is called as

a. Picking                        b. Mottling
c. Leaching                      d. Cracking

16. The anticoagulant Heparin is obtained from

a. Sheep’s lung                  b. Dog’s kidney
c. Rabbit’s heart                 d. Rat’s uterus

Ans – 13. a, b, d, e    14. a  15. a   16. a                                     

17. Morphine is the drug of choice for
a. Bronchial asthma                    b. Urinary tract infections
c. Colic pain                                d. Cardiac asthma

18. A type of flow in which viscosity increases when the substance is agitated is

a. Plastic                             b. Pseudoplastic
c. Dilatant                           d. Thixottropic

19. Rancidity of fat is due to

a. Oxidation                      b. Saponification
c. Hydrolysis                     d. Neutralisation

20. Testosterone can be commercially synthesised from

a. Sarsapogenin               b. Mexogenin
c. Oubagenin                   d. Halotensin

Ans – 17. c, 18. c, 19. c, 20. a

21. Identify the correct molecule which controls the biosynthesis of proteins in living organisms

a. DNA               b. RNA          c. Purines               d. Pyrimidines

22. Identify the diuretic which is regarded as a derivative of anthranillic acid

a. Furosemide      b. Bumetanide    c. Ethacrynic acid        d. Etozolin

23. Mixing of semi solids is carried out using

a. Double cone mixer              b. Rotating cube mixer
c. Planetary mixer                   d. Freeze drying

24. Cystosine arabinsode acts on this phase of cell cycle

a. G1       b. G2           c. M      d. S

Ans – 21. a, 22.a, 23. c, 24. c

25. The wavelength source in N.M.R spectrometer is

a. Goniometer                               b. Radio frequency oscillator
c. High voltage generator             d. Klystron oscillator

26. In quantitative T.L.C radioactive material can be studied by

a. visual comparison                 b. densito meter
c. gravimetry                             d. Geiger counter

27. Shellac is used for the purpose of coating of tablets as

a. Polishing agent                                    b. film coating agent
c. enteric coating agent                           d. sub coating agent

28. Smallpox vaccine contains

a. Living virus vaccinia                b. Living culture of B.C.G
c. Attenuated staphylococcus       d. Living virus of Hepatitis

Ans – 25. b, 26. a, 27. c, 28. a

29.Which Enzyme is involved in the formation of fructose  1  ,6 bis_phosphate from fructose             
a)Isomerase           b)phosphofructokinase         c)Aldolase                d)Enolase
30. Glycogenesis means                                                                                                           
a)Breakdown of glycogen to glucose                       b)Synthesis of glucose from amino acids


c)Formation of glycogen from glucose                     d)Formation of glucose from glycogen
31. What is the end product of anaerobic glycolysis                                                            
a)Lactate   b)Pyruvate    c)2_Phosphoglycerate     d)Phosphoglycerate 

32. Who wrote pent sa’o –                                                

a] shen nung     b] charaka           c] sushrutha       d] none
33. Who is known as first pharmacist                                                                      
      A] Galan         b] Aristotle         c] stass                 d] hardy
34. Who coined the word pharmacognosy                                                       
      A] seydler     b] reimann          c] nagai                 d] gallows
35.  IP first edition covered how many monographs 

     a)    986     b) 987    c) 988    d) 989

      36.  In imperial system capacity standard units 
        a)    pound  b) quart  c) gallon  d) liters
      37.  The rules and regulation of general dispensing principles strictly followed by 
a)    Drug and food act      b) drug and pharmacy act   c) drug & cosmetic act
d) PCI
     38. Prescription are how many types
             a) 4  b) 3  c)5  d)6 
     39. Thalioquine test is used for identification of                                                  
   A] cinchona     b] nuxvomica  c] kurchi          d] ipecac
40.    Phyto sterols are detected by                                                                     
  A] libermann burchard test     b] molish test   c] keller killiani test     d] none

41. Which coenzyme not involved in hydrogen transfer                                                  

 a)FMN   b)FAD  c)NADP    d)FH4
42. Power house of cell                                                                                                                  
a)Peroxisome     b)Mitochandria     c)Nucleus       d)Lysosomes 
43. The living matter is composed of mainly how many elements                              
 a)3             b)4               c)6               d)9
44. Flavonoids are detected by                                                                             
 A] shinoda test            b] cetachin test            c] kiddes test   d] none
45. Which alkaloid is used in polyploidy                                                                    
  A] ipecac         b] opium          c] colchicum    d] vasaka
46. CNS stimulants are                                                                                               

   A] indole         b] imidazole    c] purine          d] none

47.  IP third edition modification chairman 

a)    Dr.B.Mukherji  b) R.N.Chopra c) Dr. Nitya Nand  d) Dr.Nitya das

     48. What are the total monographs of IP fourth edition 

      a)1147  b) 1148  c) 1149  d) 1150


49. Cardamom                      [              ]             a] seed

        Isapgol                           [              ]              b] fruit
        Ginger                            [              ]              c] leaf
        Digitalis                         [              ]              d] rhizome
50. Chemical constituent of water in normal man                                                               
            a)61.6            b)72.3       c)33.3       d)19.1

51. License for wholesale of drugs specified in the schedule C and C1 are issued in form

    a. 20A        b. 20B      c. 21B       d. 22A


52. Identify one of the cancer Chemotherapeutic agent which is an antimetabolite
a. Gentamycin       b. Kanamycin        c. Tetracycline          d. Carbenicillin

53. The wurster process can be used to

a. Automatic filling capsules        b. Gas sterilie parenteral solutions      c. datermine the disintegration time         d. Coat tablets

Ans – 51. c, 52. a, 53. d

54. Which is used as Muco adhesive agent

a. Acacia    b. S.C.M.C     c. Burnt sugar    d. Saccharin

55. One of the following is measured in amperometric titration
a. Resistance    b. Conductance    c.Voltage      d. Current

56. The drug which causes tachycardia when given in regular dose

a. Verapamil       b. Guanethidine    c. Propanolol   d. Isosorbide dinitrate

Ans – 54. b, 55. d, 56. d

57. The max nutrients are available to the plants in between the ph range of        

             A] 6.5-7.5        b] 7.9     c] 2.6     d] 10.6
58. auxin                         [              ]              a] abscisic acid
     Growth inhibitor      [              ]             b] NAA
                                                                      c] GA3
59. Temperature affects                                                                                          
      a] plant growth and metabolism         b]Rate of respiration

      c]Activity of enzymes                            d]All the above

60. The risk of Digitalis toxicity is significantly increased by concomitant administration of

a. Triamterene         b. Lidocaine          c. Captopril        d. Hydrochlorthiazide

61. An agent used in prinzmetal angina has spasmolytic action which increase coronary blood supply is

a. Nitroglycerine      b. Nifedipine       c. Timolol          d. Isosorbide mononitate  

62. A 5HT1D receptor agonist useful in migraine is
a. Sumatriptan         b. Ketanserin         c. Ergotamine       d. Methysergide

Ans – 60. D, 61. B, 62. A



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