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 “Time is common word use in our daily life. Usually , common people take easily about time but for those who succeed and being in that way. for them, this is great thing.

      For example, time i.e., 1 second of time costs $2,489 for Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) that means time even a second is useful for them. As well as we too use common dialogue like “no time” that means “we are busy and non time for that work”. In this way, for everyone time is useful even we shouldn’t waste a second. Even a second of time  costs something, not only money but something.

                      But don’t say we have something (or) we don’t have time, as we have exactly the same number of hours per day as everyone have that means Bill gates, Louis Pasteur, Abdul kalam, Mother Teresa. They achieved something in their life by utilizing the same time. Same like them , we too have 24 hours per day.

So we can achieve something of we utilize time in correct way.

Here there are 21 time management  tips which it seems to be useful. Try to understand and do trails in your day to day life in order to achieve something.

                                     “15 TIPS TO MANAGE TIME”

          Usually people say we don’t have enough time but they are hurry in their tasks that always checking E-mail ,using mobile ,checking something ,etc…….

             “Staying busy means you’re working hard” according to experts. So always remember one thing in your mind that WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER”.

Let’s go for the tips to hack the time.

1) Complete most important tasks first

This is golden rule to hack the time. As we have more works in a day, what we have to do us, to pick out the most crucial works 2 (or) 3 first and later we have to select the most important task first and have to complete it. Once you complete it, you have already succeed one step. This helps you and give some confidence to do next work and it makes success.

2) Learn to say “NO”.

Making lot of commitments can teach us how to manage time in order to finish all of them. The main and important rule is we shouldn’t say “no”. As it said above that to make lot of commitments , this seems to be helpful how means, as if we have lot of works to finish in a day .Then at some point of time, we thought to decline other opportunities saying we are busy, this is the biggest mistake we do. We shouldn’t say “no” because there would be something in that opportunity which helps us.

3) Sleep at least 7-8 hours

Many people think that sacrificing sleep can make an extra hour for work but it is wrong. Majorly a  normal man needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night . If you sacrifice it, your body is not able to do work in a correct manner because it also needs some rest. Don’t underestimate  the value of sleep.

4) Devote your entire focus to the task

If you are doing some work, close all other works and make your focus on only that work .This helps to you finish the work smartly as well as fastly. It can also save your time. In my way, in order to finish that work make your entire focus on that, in order to maintain focus . Find a quite place to work.

5) Get an early start

                      As we have lot of works to do, but we usually waste time before starting it or during that work. But getting an early start seems to be useful because if you start the work , it finishes in time (or) early and that seems to be save your time as well as less stressful and it is nicer.

6) Don’t allow unimportant details 

                      If you are doing much projects (or) works , in order to do that , we some small details in the middle , we may know that details but shouldn’t immerse in knowing that details and it wastes your time .Just small review about that detail is enough to finish the work.

7)Turn key tasks into habits

                    Majorly ,there may be many tasks in various fields . For example , for students , writing is the key task but for many people, writing is a difficult task. For some students, writing may seems to be difficult, so transformation that task into habit can helps to convert them into their work completely. Firstly, it may seems to be difficult but once we make it as habit, it is easy and we already going in the path of success.

8) Check for time using for Tv/Internet/Gaming.

               Apart from other works, once think about how much you are spending by using mobile i.e., browsing, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, etc…. Once calculate the amount of time you are spending on them. After checking that , you may get one idea about how much time you can save in order to finish your works.

9) Set a time limit to complete task

                        Instead of being busy in work (or) project, firstly, i.e., before starting the work , you have to set some time limit in order to complete that work efficiently. For example, you just think that  “I’m going to be here until this is done”, try thinking , “I’m going to work on this for three hours”.

10)Leave a buffer time between tasks

  • when we rush from task to task, it is very difficult to be focused on that task and we get tried, bored and losses interest in that. So allow yourself to leave a gap like can be breath of fresh air for your brain.

                 while taking a break, go for a short walk, meditate (or) do some mind clearing exercise.

11) Don’t think of totality of your tasks

  • Usually we may have habit of thinking about all tasks we have to do at first. It is the major drawback to fail. Because , if you think about all tasks at a time, it seems to be difficult and it losses your interest and confidence to do that work. You have to fix one think strongly in the mind , that is This single task have to finish first we may think about other tasks in some other time.

 12) Exercise and eat healthy

  • Many people , due to their busyness they neglects the their health by harrying in all major works like eating and sleeping. Many studies have proved that healthy life style gains more success.
  • So in order to finish any work in time (or) to be success, first focus on your health.

  13)”Utilize weekends just a little bit”

  • During weekends , all prefer to enjoy. correct , don’t forget to enjoy but use little bit time in weekends. It really lessen the workload during the week. Aim for 2-4 hours per day, you’ll still leave yourself plenty of time for activities.

  14) Create organizing systems

  • Being organized saves tones of time. Create a filling system in your brain for tasks.

  15) “Do something during waiting time”

  • We tend to have a lot of time where we don’t try to do much. For examples, waiting rooms, lines at the store, time on the subway….etc. Find things during this time like reading something (or) knowing about something new which you don’t know.Conclusion:-                
  • Finally, these tips are all to manage the time but in order to try this and achieve it, the main objective you have to think and fix it in your mind is…    “Enjoyment should always be the goal work is just a play”. But time is much more valuable that we can’t get return.                    ……………” TIME   AND   TIDE   WAIT   FOR   NONE”…………



                                                                                                   Prepared by

                                                                                               Stella Mercy Rani

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