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COVID-19 symptoms, transmission and Prevention

COVID-19 symptoms, transmission and Prevention

         Corona virus is a virus which is a serious issue now a days and terrifying the whole world with a several deaths . there is no medicine, it causes the respiratory problems and lead to destroy of the immunity system within incubation time.

carona virus

                  The first case of corona virus was found in the Wuhan, china and it spreading rapidly to the multiple countries  ,and terrifying the world with its spreading nature and deaths is increasing day to day due to its spreading, many of the countries raised the medical emergencies due to no proper medicine, the governments of different countries raised medical emergencies for prevention of spreading of virus .

       The scientific name of corona is COVID- 19 (19  indicates it was found in 2019). The name CORONA virus comes from the crown like projections on their surfaces.

         Corona in LATIN means “halo” or “crown”.IN 2019, The CDC (centres for disease control and prevention) started monitoring the virulent spreading nature of a new corona virus. COVID-19 causes the respiratory illness and leads to death.


The pathophysiology of the corona virus is unknown that it attacks the respiratory system and it mainly destroy the respiratory system and leads to respiratory problems and later after the incubation time it enters into the other body parts and destroys the immune system of the other body parts , when it enters into the other parts of the body ,it complicates the issue and having a least chance of surviving .

As the global is facing the complicated issue and the total world is now under high risk and many countries raised the health emergency due to the prevention of spreading

The virus is fainted the world and caused the serial deaths and confused the world that how to cure it …

The doctors are busy in treating the patients across the world and many of the scientists are busy in research on the covid. Corona is disturbing the global economy.

As the incubation period is of about 14 days and the spreading nature of the virus is fast so that the scientist are busy in research work to cure the corona (COVID-19)

     As the virus is spread in many of the countries like China, Italy, Spain, america, Germany, European countries and about least in India. The total counts of positive cases of corona and deaths due to the corona are found in the WHO website time to time, day to day ,and also information about recovered patients

Mortality rate of covid-19

As per the data obtained from Chinese Health Organizations, the mortality rate or we can say the fatality rate of Covid-19 increases with the age of the patient. The following graphs, obtained from different sources of the web, will explain the mortality rate of Covid-19



  • Dry cough
  • High fever
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Potential loss of taste or smell
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Red eye
  • fatigue

The virus is more affected for 3 types of peoples

  • Young children
  • People aged 65 years
  • Pregnant women

As there is no vaccine for the covid so treatment is not available till now officially 

                 So prevention is better than the treatment  for the spreading ,many of the recovered patients are cured at earlier stages of symptoms with medicines and at isolation ward and isolation chambers


No direct contacts with other people (shake hands)

Wash your hands with sanitizers (75% alcohol based )

Wearing mask and prevent direct exposure to polluted areas

No direct touching our nose, eyes, mouth with bare hands

Keeping tissues or hankies while sneezing ..

Maintain a One meter distance with the people while talking

               Many of the countries like India ,Russia on lock down to prevent spread of virus

Other details are updated in time at WHO website …


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