Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

     Generally, as a human beings we do many works and duties in our daily life….everyone has their own duties…but it varies by how the person performing such duty?? Is he doing his work actively or normally or very dull…it based upon the person..But here I’m going to explain about the active persons…Actually being active is very good habit but being hyperactive is a problem…Hyperactive persons can be seen anywhere now a days…but being that much active is a disorder…Let’s know about that disorder in detail..


    What is ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)??

                      ADHD refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder….ADHD is defined as a complex neurological disorder which affects the person behavior..

        This disease is majorly seen in children this also observed in adults but in less members..Let’s see this disease complexity in children…Children usually can be active in many tasks because childhood is very interesting, entertaining and enjoying chapter in everyone’s life….Children used to go school, play games, and can do many tasks during their daily life…But this disease affected children can be observed as very hyperactive and they are very self-focused(do their own works and do not even think about others needs)….

   Symptoms observed in children:-

                       Usually this disease is not even identified in children..if identified, the diagnosis can be done for children above 7 years old..The symptoms include following

1) Self focused behavior

2) Interrupt others: Due to self focused behavior the child interrupts others conversation or games or any tasks of other children…

3) Excited waiting for their chance: The child feels sad or angry when other children get chance for classroom activities or games…they eagerly wait for their turn in that activities.

4) Emotional instability: The child can’t tolerate his emotions like anger, sad, happy feelings etc…he suddenly outbursts on other people..

5) Fidgety: This word explains that the child can’t even sit in one place, he always wants to move or run or do any work eagerly..he can’t even sit stable in one position..

6) Feeling of uncomfort in silence: The child can’t even sit silent for few seconds he always wants to talk or run or do anything in noise..they feel very uncomfortable of being in calm..

7) Unfinished works: The child can’t do any work completely due to his hurryness during doing works..The child may have lot of interest in doing tasks but he can’t finish that because while doing one work he can easily diverted by other work..

8) Lack of attention: The child with this disease can’t pay attention in anything he can’t even focus on only one thing..for suppose if you are speaking with him he says he is listening to your words but he can’t repeat it again due to lack of attention..

9) Forgetfulness: The child can easily forget what he was done…or he may also forget about homework and also he losses his toys etc…

ADHD IN children

Is this disease seen in adults????

                   Yes..this disease is also seen in adults in which the people who are not diagnosed during childhood.The person may not know that he is suffering from that but he is a ADHD patient…Let’s see the symptoms in adults with ADHD..But the signs in adults differ than in children..

Signs seen in adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder):-

1) Being late for job: The person may always late for their work for many days..But they can’t recognize their inability of being late.They can’t reach their workplace in time.

2) Distraction: This means the person can’t even focus or pay attention in one task..he always distracted by other works and finally can’t finish his work..

3) Risky driving: The person often drives very fast…that indicates the person even don’t have patience due to his eagerness..

4) Outbursts of anger: The person even can’t control his anger he suddenly outbursts due to loss of control..

5) Being Hyper-focused: The person can be more focused in the tasks which he like or enjoy..but he fails to pay attention in the works which makes him boring…The tasks which are enjoyable as well as dull both are important but they can only pay attention in their likely tasks…

How ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) caused?????

      There is a region in the brain which controls attention and that region is the pre-frontal cortex known as inferior frontal cortex…this is the area of brain which controls the attention…..

      The person who is suffering with this the area of brain which controls attention, the neurotransmitters are very less active in that region so that this disease is observed…

     But the reason for inactivity of neurotransmitters is unknown…but most of the neuroscientists say that this disorder can be occurred by genes and this disease is hereditary…

How ADHD diagnosed in adults??

     Most adults are not know about that they have this disease until they recognize other effects such as depression, anxiety etc..after they coming to know that they have disease..The old reports are seen..

symptoms of ADHD

Note:  To diagnose ADHD in adults, the person should have the symptoms since childhood….

How ADHD tested???

   In order to test this disease, some health professionals use neuro-psychological testing…This test includes the computer based testing on paying attention, focused behavior and some problems solving skills…

Complications of ADHD:

           This disease if not treated it leads to many complications such as…

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    .     These complications lead to many bad habits like smoking,drinking and also drug abuse etc….

Treatment of ADHD:

         Medications for this disease includes stimulants…You may arise one doubt that, this disease caused patients are already always stimulated and hyperactive then why did stimulants used….The answer for this is as the stimulants can sharpen concentration as well as they avoid the feeling of distraction by tuning the brain circuits finely to improve the attention…..

Treatment also includes counselling the patient and try to change them from that behavior…

   If in the cases of not controlled by stimulants, the patient is given with antidepressants to improve mood…if in case of anxiety, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety) drugs are used..

Foods to be taken to improve attention:

* Caffeine:

               Caffeine acts as CNS stimulant…as this is present in coffee,cool drinks, ice creams etc…when Caffeine is taken, it helps to boost up brain and can increase alertness…

* Sugar:

             Sugar doesn’t mean table sugar, but glucose can improve alertness of the brain….compared to that Orange juice is beneficial to improve attention of a person with this disease..also helps to improve memory and thinking etc…

* Don’t skip breakfast:

                   Breakfast is a fuel to the brain…most of the people skips breakfast in busy work or hurrying to work….brain fuel includes high fibre containing grains, fruits and milk..this helps to boost up memory..but remember that in case of over eating it can lesses concentration…

* Fish:

         Fish is the main brain food..maximum sea food can improve brain ability as per researches..because fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful and it lowers dementia and enhances memory and thinking capacity..

* Eat chocolates and nuts daily:

     Nuts and chocolates contain antioxidant vitamin-E which stimulates brain and also it contains caffeine….

              Many food items include to improve the attention of the brain…but few can increase the power of the brain…



          ADHD is the disorder which is caused during an early age that is in childhood…so better to diagnose that disease during an early stage because if it continues till adulthood it can leads to many complications and it also affects many relationships…So

          “Early recognition is better than late realization”

         So don’t neglect the health….stay happy and healthy………..



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