All Governament jobs Model questions

1. Minamata disease was caused due to
a. Magnesium          b. Lead
c. Mercury                d. copper

2. Glucose is stored in our body by which form
a. Glucose       b. Fructose
c. Galactose     d. Glycogen

3. Predominant type of Indian agriculture is 
a. Shifting Agriculture       b. Commercial Agriculture
c. Dry land farming          d. Subsistence Agriculture

4. Jim Corbett National park located in
a. Andhra pradesh        b. Karnataka
c. Uttar pradesh            d. Uttarakhand

5. Who invented the vaccum pump
a. Robert hooke          b. Otto von Guericke
c. edward jenner         d. John 

6. Roland Garros cup is also called as
a. wimbledon       b. Grand slam       c. French open       d. Australian open

7. Which article explains state government to organize village panchayats
a. 32                 b. 40               c. 37          d.51

8. Who became the first indian woman to win the booker prize
a. Kiran desai             b. sharmila         c. sarojini     d. Arundhati roy        

1. c, 2. d, 3. d, 4. d, 5. b, 6.c, 7.b, 8.d

9. Suicidal bags of cell
a. Ribosomes        b. lactosomes          c. Lysosomes         d. Phagosmes

10. Sodium bi carbonate is commonly known as
a. Washing soda         b. Soda lime         c. Baking soda       d. caustic soda

11. Who is the current president of Finland
a. sauli niinisto       b. julius malema        c. Drek haavisto      d. kim jan

12. Who is the current Director General of press information bureau (PIB) 
a. niraj seth    b. SD Mishra  c. deepankar roy   d. sitanshu ranjan kar

Ans – 9. c, 10. c, 11. a, 12. d

13. Which country’s Parliament for the first time organized Yoga
a. China     b. UAE       c. Japan     d. Australia

14. When was the first General election to Lok sabha held?
a. 1960-61         b. 1951-52       c. 1973-74        d. 1974-75

15.Gas released during Bhopal tragedy was 
a. Sodium thiocyanate     b. Cyanide        c. Methyl isocyanate     d. Ethyl sulphate

16. Who built Sabarmati Ashram

a. Vivekananda           b. Mahatma Gandhi     c. Kishan ji       d. Guru Ramdas 

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